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Compare the best Web Hosting Companies

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If you like to know what’s the answer is. Then simply i would say Hostinger and Bluehost. Whichever web hosting companies you pick, will determine how your website will run. Best types of web hosting companies ensures that your website remains online. And they assist you to have less mistakes.

This Article will instruct you for effective web hosting companies depends on your conditions. You can see each reviews. So that you can pick which hosting service suits your business

Top 10 Best Web Hosting companies Are:

  • Hostinger– It comes with Affordable Hosting plans
  • Bluehost– Effective for newbies
  • Dreamhost– Mostly suited with monthly plans
  • Hostgator– Best for lean/Minimal needs
  • GreenGeeks– Effective for Eco-Friendly Hosting
  • SiteGround– Effective to make your wordpress quick and safe
  • A2 Hosting– Quick and reliable Shared Hosting
  • inMotion– Best VPS hosting
  • WPEngine– Best Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Nexcess– Best for scaling and growth
web hosting companies

Hostinger: Very affordable

web hosting companies

Hostinger is like a complete package and affordable choice for beginners. Because you just need $1.99 on each month. And if you want to know what each plan includes. Then you will get everything related what a website needs.

web hosting companies

All of the pricing mentioned are promotional. They will change after renewal process. You can still maintain with such cheap rates for long subscription time. It provides 4 years of single shared hosting below $100 cost when you pay in advance. Which is best deal.

But, Make sure that low cost will not have domain name or domain privacy. Among the extra charges, It is still cheap compared with other top hosting companies. Although after the promotional pricing finishes, Cost is still bearable. Single-site package charge around $3.99 per month after renewal.

Which is considered to be cheap cost. Although Hostinger do not feel like low cost hosting due to its amazing features. You receives free weekly backups on their entry-level package. Which is always you need to give money for. Still it makes sure to handle the process for you.

It does all the job. Marketing till Ul and what not. It is the premium host with variety of functions with best packages.

It also provides different package for email hosting. Which begins from $0.99 per month. Along with 99.9% guarantee and 24 hours support. This platform provides almost anything that you require with cheap price.

BlueHost- Effectively suited for newbies (web hosting companies)

web hosting companies

Bluehost is fairly easy and effective to begin your journey with. You don’t have to worry about any mistakes you make. Since Bluehost will offer 24 hours help to its clients. And it will help you in writing your Articles as well. Bluehost is well-known internationally.

Bluehost is mainly suited for newbies. Mostly it will guide you by some tasks at first from managing yours blog and email account. If you face any difficulties then you can chat them through live chat or through phone call. They provides each details through which you can contact them.

web hosting companies

Downloading WordPress is single click. Since many different applications are present in Bluehost. It also provides analytics as well as SEO tools. For tracking how effective your site is ranking for certain keywords. This helps you performs best for your website and reduce errors as much as possible.

Shared hosting begins at $8.99 per month. However if you are new client then you will get at less discounted price. You can even sign the plan for 3 years with just $2.75 per month. Which is awesome deal. Right? Mainly with whatever you will receive. If your website is enhancing day by day and you would like to upgrade it.

Then Bluehost will provide you with variety of choices: Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting. When you are ready for more server power and control. you can develop and remain with similar provider. This platform has everything which you require from hosting company. This makes it effective for newbies in market.

Check out bluehost today and test-drive its web hosting without risk and for free. For up-to 30 days with money back guarantee.

DreamHost- Affordable for month to month plan (web hosting companies)

Dreamhost provides monthly cost with best hosting features. Its monthly plans begin from $1.99 per month. Which involves single website with unlimited traffic. With free SSL Certificate which is effective. Right?

web hosting companies

Remember that it’s just promotional cost. Which will rise after deal is completed. Afterwards you will be paying monthly rates around $7.99 per month. It is still not high like other web hosting companies. This platform also provides one-year and three-year contracts which begins with $2.59 each month. Which is even more cheap. Although it’s not very low in the list.

(You can go for hostinger for more affordable rates). Although this deal is also effective. Afterall, month by month plan is easy for them who don’t want to go for long time options.

It also stands out for the methods. Which manages their web hosts. It doesn’t uses standard cPanel, But most hosts are using. Provides overall custom control panel for managing the site. It is best for those who need more control over their sites.

Important note: It is not easy to migrate off DreamHost. But, migrating to DreamHost is fairly easy. It’s free Migration plugin allows you to migrate within few steps. You will have full control to enhance your hosting when your website will develop.

If you runs non- profit then i will suggest you to choose DreamHost. It provides one free Unlimited shared hosting plan for 501 (c)(3) businesses.

That is best deal which you can ever think about. It comes in top 3rd suggested hosting platforms by WordPress. Also it involves few managed WordPress Hosting within its basic shared plans.

DreamHost provides manageable package with more features known as DreamPress. It also includes free trial period with 97 days money-back guarantee.

However it has some minor drawback. Which is regarding with Customer support. Since you get email support for 24/7 but live chat is limited to business hours. And if you need any technical assistance through call. Then you need to pay $9.95 which is somehow to much

But, If you decides to go with DreamPress plus or Pro managed WordPress plans. Then phone call is supported with its amazing functions.

Sign up with DreamHost now with less cost in hosting without long-term commitment.

Hostgator- Best for Lean/Minimal needs (web hosting companies)

web hosting companies

Hostgator is suited which those kinds of businesses which are having simple sites. If you are not looking for tons of additional features from web hosting company. Then i would advise you to choose HostGator.

I am discussing regarding websites and portfolios in which you need visitor’s contact details. Or you might just require about us page. Or even landing page for collecting lead.

It provides complete list of how-to-guides for technical assistance. If you do not get the proper feedback, then you can always turns to phone, live chat and email support.

Like other web hosting companies, Hostgator also includes assistance in most of its packages. If you are looking for hosting service which is affordable and has all assistance. Then i would highly recommend you to go for HostGator.

If you want to explore more regarding Hostgator. Then you can go for its Advanced choice which is Amazing.

HostGator provides Windows hosting in addition to Linux. Also it involves many choices to upgrade. Which includes cloud Hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress and dedicated server. Shared Hosting plans begins from $2.64 per month along with 4 years of agreement.

web hosting companies

If you think that you can choose this program, Then i would highly advise you to take complete benefits. You can take benefit of 45 days money-back guarantee. Through which you can know about this platform. And if you like then you can go for it.

Afterall, this is best option for simple websites which don’t have so much visitors every month. But, with its VPS choices, It will enable you to scale if you require.

GreenGeeks- Best Eco-friendly Hosting (web hosting companies)

Web hosting companies

GreenGeeks is best suited for today’s environment since it uses renewable energy sources. Which also do not contribute to pollution. As its different from other web hosting providers, it also has amazing features. It provides quick speed, solid uptime and some best solutions for:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private servers
  • Shared Hosting

Overall: Its best choice for eco-friendly companies

web hosting companies

Such as other web hosting companies, It also offers automatic 1-Click WordPress installer. It also has option of auto-updates for updating your WordPress website regularly

It also offers everyday backups as well as advanced safety functions. To assist you for keeping yours information secure and away from spammers.

This platform regularly updates with new technologies such as PHP7, SSD, CDN and so on. Which will ensure that your site is quick and safe.

This platform also provides 24 hours of support system. Either through chat, calls or ticket system. It is usually very fast to reply and can help with variety of problems.

I highly recommend this platform to you guys. Since it is eco-friendly and safe to earth. So try it and enjoy amazing benefits.

SiteGround- Effective enough to make your WordPress site quick and safe (web hosting companies)

web hosting companies

It is known that if your website takes more time to load then usual. Then out of 10, 9 peoples will skip your website and go to another websites.

But through the help of SiteGround, this problem is also reduced. As it delivers top speed and safety to customers and to the website. Mainly it helps with WordPress websites.

It begins with technologies with its hosting. It uses Google cloud for maintaining swift as well as stable connections. Its SSD persistent data storage makes sure low latency.

Apart from it, SiteGround developers rolled out their own. Better PHP solution in late 2020- Ultrafast PHP. By this, it provides quick speed which is 30% quick than common PHP. And also it helps to reduces the time to first byte through half and memory usage through 15%.

It’s about a matter of seconds and your website will be open. Due to its fast speed.

web hosting companies

As with quick PHP, Siteground manages the website with security as well. And it makes sure to update firewall rules on PHP weekly to ensure website safety.

It also isolates accounts on servers. Which means that shared hosting clients do not have to take tension. Regarding accounts affecting in negative manner with each other

Apart from it, Siteground is always active to keep clients sites safe and effective. It also runs server health which checks after every 0.5 seconds. It’s AL-driven anti-bot procedure blocks among 500,000 and 2 million brute force attack attempts every hour.

This will keep any site safe and quick. But it is highly recommended for WordPress.

Since it adds additional safety over there. Through regularly monitoring for emergent platform vulnerabilities as well as provides auto-updates.

Added to it, All its packages and not just its WordPress hosting options includes one-click WordPress installation. the WP starter site builder and auto updates are for both wordpress platform and its plugins.

  • StartUp: $3.99 each month upto 1 year, paid annually
  • GrowBig: $6.69 each month upto 1 year, paid annually
  • GoGeek: $10.69 each month upto 1 year, paid annually.
web hosting companies

Make sure that all the plans expense will increase after the given one year time period. It also lets you know about the cost for 24-month and 36-month.

But, the advantage over here is that it provides discounted price for renewing it. For 2 years, you receives 20% of discount and for 3 years, it is 30%.

Overall, SiteGround provides latest technology as well as services. Which host your WordPress website and make sure it works quick and secure for everyone.

A2 Hosting- Fast and reliable shared hosting (web hosting companies)

web hosting companies

A2 hosting is well-known due to its quick speed and less cost.

As comparison with other hosting tier like shared, VPS, dedicated, A2 is best known due to its speed. If you used other kind of web hosting services. Then definitely you will see that your speed is more quick with A2.

If you choose its Turbo Boost as well as Turbo Max Plans. Then you will get access to its Turbo Servers also. It is 20 times more fast than other hosting services and has:

  • 40% fast AMD EPYC CPU performance
  • 2 times quick than first byte
  • Manages 9 times Traffic
  • 3 times fast real/write speeds with NVMe drives.

A2 Hosting is also having around 99.9% of uptime commitment all all its packages. Which means that is trustworthy hosting provider without a doubt.

A2 hosting also provides free site migration with every single packages. If your website is not having effective host to run. Then you can simply go for A2 hosting service. It also saves time and energy. It is also like other hosting companies. Which has common CMS tools such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal.

Important Note: It’s starting package has single website.

If your are looking to host more than one site. Then you have to go for Drive Package Which is extra $2 each month after the promotional period ends.

Important tip for saving cost: promotional costs finishes on renewal. To get 63% discounted price, sign up for at least 3 years. With this for 2 years, Your hosting will be without any cost.

InMotion Hosting- Best VPS Hosting

InMotion provides latest technology for its users. With variety of packages includes and helps retains customers for longer time.

It also gives you opportunity of self-help knowledge base. If anything goes out of box, Guide will be given to you for assistance.

Customer support is also effective in terms of assistance. Don’t believe it? Test and see. InMotion 90 days free trial period for shared hosting is one of the longest among. Which provides you so much time for testing it.

This platform packages are very clear to point and easy to understand. As you upgrade, You will get quick servers, additional databases, sites and subdomains. Which is simple and clear to the point.

web hosting companies

Although startup plans are also having best assistance for clients. The support is provided by 5 communication platforms. Which are phone, chats, emails, tutorials and Q&A. Where are given response on time.

I like one thin which is everything is available and accessible. Phone Number is provided at front of page and chat support login is easy to find in your admin panel.

The best thing is support is always provided at yours expectations. Everything from basics to major level is covered through InMotion. So no need to get worried about

This platform is also having some best VPS hosting choices. It even have 2 different kinds of VPS hosting. So whatever help you need will be provided by InMotion.

InMotion also makes sure that its prices stays less for the clients. It runs promotional pricing which starts from $5 each month. Normally its cost is around $8 or $9 per month after the initial contract is up.

Apart from just shared hosting, InMotion provides upgrades to managed WordPress Hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers

WP Engine-Best managed WordPress hosting

WP Engine is considered to be best for wordpress hosting. It offers best service, which can be fully optimized for wordpress sites. If you need all storage and speed you can get for your WP blog and Online store. This is the host for you.

Although it is bit costly. Lowest cost starts from $30 per month. Which is limited to 10GB and just around 25,000 audience per month. If you sign up for year, then you don’t need to pay for 2 months.

web hosting companies

Yes i know that the price are to much for beginners. But if you dig into this service then you might not choose any other.

This manages WordPress very effectively. And it just offers services to those who use WordPress. It’s complete infrastructure could be altered for WordPress. Yours website will run quickly. Your time won’t get wasted and so many maintenance tasks will be handled automatically.

It also provides extra plans for them who runs their stores with WordPress. Although its costly in comparison with managed WordPress hosting. However you can get access to premium WordPress ecommerce themes and other tools which would cost hundreds of dollars if sold individually.

Final Note: If you need yours website to run quick and handled automatically. Then you should go for WP Engine.

Customer support laser-focused on WordPress. That makes for best competent information assistance accessible by tracked tickets and Live chat 24/7

You will be spending more cost for getting a lot of stuffs. WP Engine is known for its best work when consider to use in wordpress. This will help you a lot with saving your time. Since you will not need to get worry about handling hosting process.

Nexcess- Effective for scaling and Growth

Nexcess is Web hosting solution through Liquid Web. That I have discovered in my recommendations for you. This is effective for Best dedicated web hosting, Best VPS hosting and best wordpress hosting.

So without any doubt i will surely see that it is effective to manage website. Where they really shine is managed ecommerce hosting. Although, it also provides ecommerce hosting for:

  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • BigCommerce
  • Sylius
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Craft CMS
  • Orocrm

So if you like to set up online business, Then this can be best solution to manage host and website.

It’s cloud accelerator, Which is function and brings more speed in your site effectively. Which is a big thing, since speed is one of the factors through which customers attract.

It also provides many suite of packages for every web hosts they provide. I am going to list 3 pocket friendly, However there are so many:

web hosting companies

This features and amazing quality for sure gives a quick boost to any sort of businesses. It doesn’t matters in which direction yours business is going. In any case this can be suitable for you.

One of the essential things while handling web hosting is customer service. Which is also provided in this platform for 24 hours. Any problems you find, solutions will be given by support team.

If you are into digital marketing. And you think that you can scale it very quickly, Then i would highly recommend you Nexcess.

Costs depends upon which CMS platform you are using. However its WordPress package begins from $15.84 each Month.

How you can find the best host for yours Website

Firstly, you don’t need to have deep knowledge regarding web development to get hosting. However understanding somethings can really assist your journey.

I will clear all your doubts and provide you best options to choose from. So don’t worry just stick with me to know which host is best for you.

So which techniques i use to figure out web hosts? What things really matter?

Let’s explore some information

Site UpTime

Uptime is very important aspect of effective web hosting. If yours website is not effective, then you will not generate income. And also you might lose audience over time.

Firstly, You need web host which is fast and reliable for your business. Which means that yours website is regularly accessible and never gets down.

For trying to avoid “just trust us” promise of near-perfect uptime, many host offers guarantee for 99.9 percent uptime. But, That is not true to extent. it just means your bill can be discounted in the event of any unplanned downtime. HostGator, For instance, will credit you one free month of hosting. If your uptime ever dips under 99.9%

There’s a lot of fine print on these guarantees, too, including not accepting self-reported or third-party uptime data, and not providing refunds for downtime that was out of the host’s control (for example, a hurricane).

Site Speed

This platform affects everything associated with yours website. Want search ranking? Gest quick website. Need conversions on website? Make it quick. Looking for satisfied customers? speed it up. Everything is related with how quick yours website is.

Whenever you are going for various web hosting provides. Make sure to check their features and see how fast are they. Because nowadays speed is factor which matters mostly. You can take Amazon example, how fast and reliable it is. And customers love shopping from Amazon.

As you grow more, You need to be more quick. If your plans are to build high-traffic website, Then you might require host which can deal with quick speed.

Customer support

While having yours website, Web host customer support is essential aspect which web hosting can provide. Going through reviews will not reveal a clear picture to you. Best is to go for free trials for testing web host to know how they works.

I would highly suggest you to start free trials first. So that you can know regarding customer support. And how they functions with you.

Traffic Volume

The kind of traffic you attract also has significant effect on web host which you need. For websites which just has around 300 visitors per month, any sort of standard hosting plan can go. But web host should have effective customer support. As you will grow more, everything will matter even if its small. Is the PHP on your server being updated consistently? Are you having CDN for yours content? Does your website gets back up daily and you can restore it in 15 minutes if something goes wrong?.

When i have big website, I mainly go with premium hosting which handles all these small things. And if my plans are to make big website, I search for host which can scale millions of visitors per month. I am pretty satisfied for paying the cost as it also brings my website so much traffic.

Never skimp if you are growing more. If yours plans are below 60,000 visitors each month, get standard shared hosting plan. There are no reasons left to worry regarding advanced things.


You always need to make sure that you don’t pay too much or too less for web hosting service. Try to avoid picking host on exclusive prices. Mostly basic web hosting packages begins in the range of $10 till $20 each month. Yes i agree that there are other choices which are very cheap in price.

However they are just promotional and will fade away once you renew them. Some of cheap hosting packages doesn’t really have good customer support and they are slow. I believe if price is suitable then it is good. I also sometimes don’t mind to go with promotional discounts for saving money.

Whichever website i use, i always go with same host without ever changing it. Once you find suitable host for your website. Then never change to another one because it may waste time. Since promotional prices comes and goes away to fast.

Managed Hosting

Here are some steps through which Normal host works:

  • After you sign up, you get a login.
  • The login takes you to cPanel. The cPanel is an app on your server that lets you manage it through a UI without needing to know how to code anything.
  • You configure your server however you want.
  • There’s a FTP option to upload files manually to your server.
  • There are also quick options for installing WordPress and other site software if you want.
  • You get full access and can do anything you want. It’s a “choose your own adventure.” Install WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or code your entire site by hand.

Usually, Web hosts already manages yours website by their own. These hosts usually handles yours website by themselves.

WP Engine is instance, It is managed host for WordPress. Which means i don’t have to worry regarding managing by websiite. Since WP Engines takes care of everything.

When web hosting service gets optimized for WordPress. Then 3 main things takes place:

Quick websites as shared Hosting: All the things can make WordPress effective enough. It can be even optimizing yours website. Host is required to understand how to assist WordPress.

Higher security and stability: Managed WordPress hosting service can protect website in many ways. It usually accommodates and make sure to remove errors. Which means less spammy activities and stuffs.

Admin and site maintenance gets easy: And that services are important. Since managed wordpress hosting is generally more costly as compared to shared web hosting services.

While generally saying managed host will handle everything in your website. So you don’t have to get worried about

If your business is smaller, Then any host can work pretty well. But if you choose to have big website than go for managed host. Since your time will be saved and also money.

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