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Best two tier affiliate programs: you need to know (2021)!

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two tier Affiliate Programs

This kind of affiliate marketing is best to earn money. Since, in this you can earn commision for at least two times. One commision will come from selling the products through affiliate marketing. Another method of earning will be made through affiliate that you have addressed the product to. This Article is related to two tier affiliate programs.

And that’s very effective style for earning the money. Since you make money for the efforts did through another affiliated person. So basically, that’s the reason. I have made a list of best two tier affiliate programs. And networks for the digital marketers. 

two tier Affiliate Programs

And for any kind of businesses. This kind of affiliate is available. For instance, Market Health affiliate program provides two-tier commissions. To those digital marketers. Who have often selected their topics related with health. 

According to some study. They have figured out that affiliate marketing spending will be more than $8.2 billion. Just by the year of 2022 in America alone. So as a affiliate marketer, You have great opportunities to earn more money effectively. 

Added to that, so many affiliate marketing tools has often made the business less complicated. And anyone can start. And earn money as affiliate marketer. 

As my topics are also related with digital marketing. So In this article, I will be telling some information about top 7 best double-tier programs. For affiliate marketers. However, If you are newbie in digital marketing world. Then we will go firstly in some general introduction parts so that your understandings can often go further.

Basic Introduction to two tier affiliate marketing program

So basically, when you help a company in their sales of products. You earn commision on the sale of per product that you sold through affiliate marketing. And this is basically the affiliate marketing in which you help company to drive the sales. And you gets your percentage of commision from that particular company. For whom you worked in order to sell their products. 

Now, you can ask details from the business. Regarding what programs do they have for affiliate marketers. And what products they have. So that you can make more understandings relating with commissions and other details. 

And it gets a two-tier affiliate program. If it offers a commision on your sales. On the sales of another affiliate, you referred to the program. Yes that’s the true case. Since you will be wondering two kind of payment methods. Which are very different from each other. But it’s true of getting two ways paid as an affiliate marketer. 

For instance, with A2 hosting affiliate program. Your earnings can possibly go with $55 upto $125 on each sale. That you made also you can make extra $5 to the person you referred this program. And thats sounds fantastic isn’t it?. 

So programs Like A2, which offers affiliate programs are two-tier affiliate programs. In which person you have referred to this affiliate program. Will be called as sub-affiliate person. I would recommend you to go for two-tier affiliate programs. As they are best to earn huge amount of money. Within no time and be successful online. 

Top 7 two tier affiliate programs for digital marketers.

As, you can see down. Some best sub-affiliate programs. Which means, i have used them. And that’s why i am recommending to you also. So that you can also takes maximum advantages. From these sub-affiliate programs.


Basically, this online earning platform is made for everyone. Who often wants to earn income online on net. Starting from digital marketers to freelancers. Who provides services. This online platform provides most of marketing tools. Which are required to operate any sort of the business. 

whether you need sales funnel or email market automation everything is offered by this particular tool for its users. 

Even this platform assists its users in building the website for them. Even for managing affiliate program for your business. Can be done by this online application tool. Reason behind all these explanations and benefits regarding this product is, because it offers all the tool that are important for digital marketers.

So basically, with this double-tier affiliate program. You often gets 40 percentage of commision and two-tier commision is around 5%. That means every sales that you have generated will make you 40% out of it and 5% will come from the sales of person that you have referred this link or affiliate program. 

System.io always bring new categories to add more in products and also innovative kind of products arise in this platform. Which means less competition for digital marketers. So in this case you are having great opportunity to earn double-tier commision, from System.io platform.

Builderall- ultimate marketing software

So basically, this platform also helps its users in online business. Whether its freelancer or whether it is digital marketer. It provides all the tools and advantages needed for online marketers to start their business. In this platform you can often do designing, edit videos, Build marketing funnel and so on. 

two tier Affiliate Programs

In this affiliate program, User can earn 100% first tier commision and 30% second tier commision. So due to its powerful tools and the services that it provides to online marketers. Its one the best double-tier affiliate program. Because of its commissions and services that it provides to its customers. 

WP-Engine top managed hosting service

So basically, this platform is used to manage the hosting in your websites mainly for the wordpress. As it provides quick, trustworthy as well as safe business website hosting at reasonable cost. But it’s not inexpensive, However investing some amount of money in such valuable platforms are also not a bad idea. 

two tier Affiliate Programs

From this platform, You can often generate upto $50 on each sub-affiliate sales of WP engine hosting plans. You referred an affiliate to WP Engine’s program. Who made 10 sales this month. Then you can receive up to $500. In addition to your affiliate commision. And it’s fantastic idea and best to use when hosting plans are so effective for its users. 


It is often believed that as Affiliate marketer, You have all the required skills and knowledge needed to create effective content for your clients. But somehow you might not be expert in designing your website for making it look clean and clear. 

So you might be searching out for the designer to make your website seems neat and attractive. And therefore your customers are also in search of the freelancers. 

So this is the best place to where you can often refer some affiliate marketers. So that their problems can be solved and you can also potentially earn money. By referring this to some affiliate marketers online. 

So therefore, you can generate extra bucks by sub-affiliate sales. Fiverr’s affiliate marketing program is very understandable. That means it’s not complicated to understand and anyone can get started with it. 

So in this platform. You can often make up to $15 to $150 first tier commissions and 20% in second tier commissions. Fiverr has basically enhanced their affiliate marketing plans. And procedures so it’s your opportunity to grab these kind of offers can help yourself and also the website at the same time. 

Inc Authority – Company forming business entities

So basically, it’s a business which creates LLCs and corporations in America. And from the time of 1989, It is running its business. And also has created more than 140,000 businesses in US. As you are a digital marketer, You will often be coming across some peoples. Who are often interested to start from scratch.

two tier Affiliate Programs

And the peoples. Who often wants to start their business from scratch. Might be passionate to form their own company. Tell them about this company which is INC authority. And therefore make $80 on every sale. If you refer this to sub-affiliate. Then You can possibly generate up to 1% of second-tier commision. Who made a sale for this particular company. 

A2 Hosting Sub- affiliate program

I would suggest A2 hosting. As it is more fast with uptime of 99.9%. If you follows same then you would never feel bad about it. on your first tier commision you can possibly earn between $55 up to $125 on each sale as well as $5 on your second-tier commision. 

two tier Affiliate Programs

Best thing is you can start quickly within no time. And also there is a great part to say that You don’t have to worry about how much visitors you are often having in your website. That means simply in this case audience doesn’t matter a lot. And you can start your journey now and make some second-tier affiliate commissions.  

ClickFunnels- Funnels Marketing software

Clickfunnels is often best funnel building as well as marketing software globally. Are you looking to sell physical or digital goods and services?. or You wanted to make best converting landing pages for your business?. All the problems and one solution is simply the ClickFunnels. 

two tier Affiliate Programs

As affiliate marketer, Your earnings can be around 40% from first tier commissions. And 5% from the second tier commissions. It’s not just a funnel building software. Which often means that its users can learn many things from this affiliate program. Such as building funnels, marketing and selling goods and services.

There are so many affiliate marketers. Who often have made huge profits just by using this particular kind of the platform. So if you haven’t decided for choosing your sub-affiliate program. Then have a look on top programs so that it can often be helpful for you in choosing such programs. 

Best two tier Affiliate networks for digital marketers (2022)

So basically these are some affiliate programs with many sub-affiliate programs available with them. 


It is world’s biggest digital marketing platform. With thousands of affiliate programs to join from. And they promise to pay around 50% of recurring commissions. Same goes with the double-tier commissions. And good part about this platform is that, it has no involvement with your work. Even if you start from scratch. 

Cj affiliate 

So This affiliate program is biggest platform. Which is present on international level. Which means across different countries, People’s uses it. And its programs pays up-to 50% of direct commissions and 10% goes for second-tier referral commissions.  

This affiliate program has so many affiliate marketers. Which is around 50 million of affiliate marketers. Along with that, This platform also provides a dedicated account rep. And 30-day cookie tracking. 

Share a sale

This platform is also very big in digital marketing world. Which often has more than 16550 advertisers. And meanwhile it also has more than 225000 of affiliate marketers. Who uses this particular kind of the platform. 

There are many programs, which offers two tier affiliate commissions. And it provides you an opportunity for promoting any kind of digital goods and services. 


So basically flexoffers are having more than 12000 of the advertisers on their platform. And gives their publishers around 50% of recurring commissions. It helps your website to be monetized. By providing pay-per-click advertising options. From the premium advertisers, so that you can earn more money.

two tier Affiliate Programs

This particular platform often has a great team. That are working for 24/7 for serving in effective ways with their affiliate members. That’s the reason due to which you can take benefits from these double-tier affiliate platforms.

Pick that kind of two tier affiliate programs. Which basically suits with your targeted peoples

Now it’s your turn to decide that what kind of double-tier affiliate program should you choose. And which double-tier program will assist your business to grow. Some of the factors in deciding these can be based upon your topics. Or simply you can call it as a niche. Which means your targeted audience to whom you are addressing your blog. Or to whom you are addressing on social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

If you decided to go with all the affiliate programs. That i have mentioned above. Then you can happily go and start your money making journey. But my best advice to you will be to start your journey directly from System.io’s sub-affiliate program. Simply its one of the top marketing automation software. Which often provides up tp 40% of the commissions on your sales. That you made for a company. And also it gives around 5% of commision to the person you referred to. 

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