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High CPC keywords: Everything you need to know

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High cpc keywords


Are you looking for High CPC keywords? And do you have any idea regarding of income earned by Adsense members which are 80% and the rest 20% just comes with High CPC keywords that they makes use of. 

So there is no question regarding Adsense which cannot generate so much money for its users which means that Adsense itself is a great platform from where the user can make tons of money and its known to be a quick method for earning money within no time.  Most good thing regarding Adsense is that you dont require to have technical skills or knowledge for starting your career with Adsense. 

You just need to pick right niche which has somehow effective content to attract the audience and get more clients. Which can also solve issues of peoples

As observed, There are some marketers Who don’t use Google Adsense because they get very less amount of money. The main issue is that they don’t use High paying cpc keywords in their content, And simply their topics does not attract customers because they are not up the point.

However, It’s not the complete true story, Which means that you can earn more money from Google Adsense if you use high paid cpc keywords and you create good content.

This Article is basically target for those peoples who is searching for High CPC keywords and who is searching for highest paid ads on Adsense, Lets jump into more information.

How to find High CPC Keywords (High CPC keywords in 2021)

High cpc keywords

Benefits of using Long tail keywords

So before we begin our journey to explain you guys about keyword research with tools such as Semrush, Long tail pro and keyword planner, I would first like to let you know what are the benefits of using long tail keywords in your particular websites. 

So whenever You come across best keywords for your niche, its best to concentrate with long tail keywords that has more than 5 keywords linked together. This is effective method for getting more number of customers towards your website and therefore it will also increase your conversion rates altogether. 

I have attached a screenshot below where you can check from the picture and see clearly that which particular keywords are having more conversion rates and traffic and definitely you will see this with long tail keywords. 

High cpc keywords

The another most essential factor to consider when doing keyword research is often to concentrate most with the keywords that are customer centric and not related with informative keywords. 

For example, You can earn more money if you focus highly with customer centric keywords instead of information keywords like “Buy Iphone in Mumbai” apart from ‘free Iphone reviews”. Now let’s jump into some information regarding important and highly paid keywords that generate thousands of dollars both to Google and its publishers on a monthly basis. 

Top 10 most expensive keywords with higher CPC in google Adsense for (2021)

If you don’t know this information then you are missing a lot of information basically, Up to 90 percent of money made by Google generates from advertisers. whether the advertisements are linked with Gym, sports or Real estate all these kind of Advertisements often generates Billions of dollars per year to the Google. 

Now i am going to list down top 10 highly valued and most searched paid Google Adsense keywords with Highest CPC rates in the year of 2021. 

Insurance (over $50 per CPC) with more than 24% of the total google searches

Loans (more than $45 per CPC) with over 13% of the total Google searches

Mortgage (over $47 per CPC) with over 9% of the total google searches

Attorney (over $47 per CPC) with over 3.5% of the total Google searches

Credit (Over $36 per CPC) with over 3.2% of the total google searches

Lawyer (Over $42 per CPC) with over 3% of the total google searches

Donate (over $42 per CPC) with over 2.5% of the total Google searches

Degree (Over $40 per CPC) with over 2.2% of the total google searches

Hosting (Over $32 per CPC) with over 2% of the total Google searches

Claim (over $45 per CPC) with over 1.4% of the total google searches.

Important Notice: Never ever Think about using such keywords that are mentioned in above list unless you have million dollar budget to invest into content marketing, SEO and other stuffs. However you can use long tail keywords linked with these keywords which are mentioned above. 

For example, You can possibly target the keywords such as “Car automobile insurance in delhi” And don’t go for higher competition keywords such as “Insurance” simply as it has more competition involved so your keyword couldn’t be ranked higher and you might lose out the sales. 

So let’s explore some information regarding which ways you adopt in order to get profitable keywords easily. In this particular blog, My most favourite tool for going with will often be Semrush. 

Reason is simple that Semrush is most effective tool needed to find highly profitable keywords in any topic and apart from finding most effective keywords, It also provides further more services to its users such as assists the user in analyzing things like Backlink checking, competitor’s analysis, related keywords information and so on. before we discuss about highest paid Adsense keywords. 

Making use of Semrush in order to get profitable keywords

Let’s go with real case studies linked With Semrush in order to get as well as figure out most profitable CPC keywords of other websites. With this example, We are choosing the DailyBlogTips.com that is brought through Daniel Scocco (It’s considered to be best blogs which is been read by millions of the readers each year within marketing industries).

So the first step to take is to Type domain of your competition businesses for getting Keywords information. Here is the evidence in form of Picture That is provided by Serush for this particular domain. likely, You can also follow this step and type any of yours competition business domain name on Semrush for finding out all the necessary keywords which are mainly attracting huge number of audience in general. 

High cpc keywords

Important Notice: Ensure for selecting out the database in which your target audience are present. If you will wonder about my situation then i will be going with US database. The reason is simply because more visitors will often be attracted mainly from US as compared with other nations worldwide. 

After you click on the “Full Report” below the tab “Top organic keywords”, it will often provide you all kinds of keywords that are top known for the website to rank on a higher levels so that you can get more customers in your website. I am showing you down the screenshot for your convenience. 

High cpc keywords

See that? So all the necessary details will often be provided to you. For choosing best keywords that is ranking higher. And also some insights regarding how much customers can get attracted, by this particular keyword. Which is ranking higher so that it can be easy for you to choose from. 

After you finds out the high ranking keywords, then your goal will be to find which keyword often brings more amount of profits. So that your business can grow more without any issues. 

Step2: You need to click on “CPC Section” To get details regarding highest paying keywords for your website.

Semrush is providing us details regarding which keywords can often pay more money.

Step 3: In this step, You need to gather relevant information, where you will compile all the keywords, which often gets more money from the google Adsense, And then move to next domain.

Added to that, Niche doesn’t matter in this particular situation, Because it is just the example to show you that, how you can also earn more money from the highest paid cpc keywords and thereby rank higher in Google.

So these are some of the main steps, from which you can also take benefit from, and thereby give tough competition . Now you would often be thinking about some of the alternative tools for Semrush, As you would not be able to afford Semrush, because it costs $120 per-month , And i know that it’s not inexpensive for the beginners. 

SemRush is very effective SEO tool because it gives good quality services and features to its clients. And also its recommended by so many SEO experts.

So i would like to give you the alternative. which is that you can go for long tail pro seo tool, which costs $37 per month. And i am gonna talk about now, that how you can use it for finding out profitable AdSense keywords. So what do you need?

Step1: After login with long tail pro, You need to create a project and click on “Find Keywords”. To find highest paid keywords, so that you can get more money from Google Adsense.

You might be wondering about which word did i select, Simply the answer is “best email marketing software”. That is best long tail keyword which is having 4 keywords with it and also has high cpc ranking. 

Important tip from my side, Always ensure to make use of more than 4 keywords. Whenever you use long tail pro for finding most money making keywords for your website.

high cpc keywords

Step2: In some time, You will get list of details regarding keywords. To help you pick the right keywords which can rank high and pay more. Details that you will see with Keywords would be Local searches, Advertiser competition, suggested bid with the CPC and so on.

High cpc keywords

Step 3: You to need to choose a keyword which have higher suggested bid and also clicks to get extra keyword details such as Title, Page links, Authority, Site age and so on. These details are very essential to know whether keyword can rank easily or not.

High cpc keywords

That’s it. So basically these are some of the methods, which you can also use. To find low competitive as well as most profitable keywords on google by using Long Tail Pro. 

Using SpyFu for finding out profitable AdSense Keywords (High Paying CPC keywords)

SPyFu can be used as alternative SEO tool from Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Which are somehow expensive to afford for newbies. But this SEO tool is affordable and cost around $33 per month.

I am going to give some tutorial to you, to make you understand regarding how to use this tool. For getting most profitable keywords for your website.

In step 1: In this step, As usual you have to log in with this SEO tool. And then go to PPC research and enter any of your competitors domain in the search box. 

Important Notice: Ensure to enter your competitor url, who you think most likely uses the PPC keywords. (who pay for paid ads on Google).

High cpc keywords

Above picture illustrates information regarding keywords and their PPC budget details as well.

In Step2: Click on paid keywords to which your competition business are paying for. And therefore after clicking you will get a details of some of most profitable keywords. Here is small demonstration for you guys.

High cpc keywords

ok so now you can often see all the important details above in the picture which includes;

  • Paid keywords which yours competition businesses are often using
  • Ad timeline
  • Cost per click
  • Monthly Cost (To rank for that keyword)
  • Monthly searches of that keyword
  • Ad position
  • Total number of ads
  • Now your job is to try getting rank for similar keywords. Why?. 

So this is the method, through which you can get more audience from the search results. And also through using Adsense. therefore, You can often get more value on each clicks you enter for.

In step 3: If you are looking for highest paid keyword, then you can visit SpyFu “Keyword Research” tool section. And then enter any topic or keyword phrase that you wanted to rank for.

So you can see above, that we just have entered regarding how to start a blog. And therefore we get essential data and insights such as follows;

  • Monthly searches
  • Click through rates
  • Ranking difficulty
  • Cost per click
  • Monthly Cost
  • Advertisers for that particular keyword etc. Simply scroll down to see some high paying cpc keywords that can make you paid more in Google Adsense.

In the picture above, you can gather lots of essential tips related with high paying keywords, And data related with their CPC rates, local searches, keyword difficulty and so on. And you can take help from such keywords in order to make more profits. 

Now let’s explore Google’s Keyword planner tool in order to get profitable high CPC keywords

Step 1: Your have to sign in to your AdWords Account, then click on keyword planner, for doing the keyword research.

In step 2: Then enter keyword according to your choice, which would often aim high CPC rate. And also choose the country for targeting and getting the customers from. 

Lastly, You need to choose keywords which have less searches per month, for decreasing the level of competition. And you can rank easily on higher level. 

And also ensure to form a complete list of such keywords that has higher CPC rates. So this is the method which can increase your Adsense earnings.

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