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InVideo app: How to make $900 with InVideo app in 2021.

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Have you ever imagined that how non-designers can create best designs without any sort of knowledge. By just using Canva, So if you want to know more important details. Then read this blog to know more. And get amazing information regarding Invideo app

This blog mainly has information relating with InVideo app. Since InVideo is the application to make effective videos even if you have 0 skills in editing videos. Still you can create eye catching images, logos and designs in your own videos. And gives as a service in order to earn your first couple of dollars as a freelancer. 

So basically in this blog post, i will be going to explain you regarding what is the definition of InVideo. Where i will be giving my basic introduction regarding InVideo application. Which also includes all of its aspects as well as costs related to purchase this service. In order to provide to your customers. 

Secondly, i will be explaining in blog post is that why should you go for purchasing this app. And for what purposes. I will also demonstrate that what were my strategies which i have implemented for making around $970. And even you can also earn upto $970 or even more money. Depending on how much you often work and provide the services to your customers overall. 

Also, Added to that, My demonstration will be about what are the advantages of using InVideo. Even if you don’t want to use it for a business as a freelancer. I hope that the things said has catched yours eyes. And you would be wondering out about this application. So let’s jump into the introduction part of it straight away and see what it is all about.

InVideo Introduction

InVideo was hosted on invideo.io and is new in video editing business for users. Added to that, this application assists its users in making innovative videos with various kinds of templates. Just similar of the pictures that you might be creating on Canva for instance. 

invideo app

Along with helping its users in creating effective videos, InVideo app also assists its users in creating their blogs and articles into videos  and i know that for a fact now you guys would be wondering that how articles can be turned into videos? 

Right, Don’t worry let’s explore more information regarding this. According to me, the idea to turn blogs or articles into the videos are effective for improving your business as a freelancer. so, its proven that anybody who dont have skills. Regarding editing the videos can make it effectively”Yes, that’s not a joke.

Even Though, i have my own Youtube Channel which is very successful today. And i basically know nothing about creating effective videos. Since all of my Videos gets edited using InVideo. 

So it means, that without having technical knowledge of making videos. Still i have successful channel, so if i can do it, then you can too. If you don’t trust me? then let’s jump into more depth and knowledge regarding the procedure of making videos with InVideo. 

How the system of InVideo works basically

On the homepage of InVideo, a brief information is provided already regarding how to create videos effectively. Since team of InVideo are aware about the top feature of the platform.  So the first step is to ‘sign up’ in Invideo account and start its free trial first. 

invideo app

you can start Invideo with a template which resembles your brand and ideas. After that, You can make use of Invideo free images, sounds and videos for editing your template. Along with those things you can also adjust colours, timings, font size as well. 

Added to that, you can start everything even from a template which is blank. And make it according to your choice. Then simply, after making templates and editing with all the features provided through Invideo. You can export them into files and even share on social media platforms if you want to. 

Some of the features provided by InVideo

Basically Invideo has so much facilities to offer us who doesn’t knows about how to edit the videos effectively and some of the features provided by InVideo are:

  • Audio tools
  • Text overlay
  • Media library
  • Visual effects
  • Speed merge
  • Reseller rights
  • Shareable link
  • HD Resolution
  • Variety of Fonts
  • Tons of stickers
  • Speed adjustment
  • Font quote templates
  • Ready-made templates
  • Split and merge videos
  • Blog post/article to video
  • Unlimited character length
  • Video Making & Stabilization
  • Shapes, text boxes and more. 
  • Ability to upload your photos and videos
  • Enhancements like collage, masks, and more.

This is not much the list will still go further level and along with these aspects in 60 days of trial you can get your money back guarantee as well. Along with all these pro kind of facilities or features that Invideo is providing us, You might be wondering that using this application would be very hard but that’s not the case completely. 

Invideo costs

So basically Invideo is linked with freemium business model. And you can start using this application for free at first time, But it also comes with some limitations like having an InVideo watermark and more. 

InVideo free plan

So basically these are the things that you can get in free plan of InVideo

  • InVideo Watermark
  • 4500+ Video Templates
  • 3M+ Standard Media Library
  • Automated Text to Speech
  • 15 min video duration per video

In free plan these feature are more than enough to satisfy your needs regarding InVideo. And if you are a newbie then i strongly suggest you to start with free trial first and then initially go and buy the another trial on later.  Some other plans are also there to be offered through InVideo which are the ‘BUSINESS’ and second one is the ‘Unlimited’ plan. So let’s explore them now in depth. 

invideo app

InVideo Business Plan Model:

It is known that if you pay early in advance then Business plan can cost you around $15 on a monthly basis which is very affordable. And if you don’t want to continue for full 1 year then it would be for $30 without any doubt. 

Policy is to export around 60 videos on a monthly basis. If your video creation business has expanded then its better to go for business model. And if you feel that it’s better to invest for whole year then grab this opportunity right now and get 50% discount as well. 

Data provided is accurate when this post was written. However you should visit its pricing page for better information. 

Invideo Unlimited Plan

InVideo’s Unlimited plan model is best simply due to its power that everything is provided unlimitedly and over here you can export as much of videos as you like without the need to go above 60 videos which you can just in free and business plan. In this model along with exporting unlimited videos, you can furthermore also enjoys 120 istock and 1 million premium media resources. 

So basically ‘Unlimited’ plan would cost you around $30 per month if you pay for a complete year. And it would charge you $60 per month if you don’t choose a complete year option. So my recommendations are to go for complete one year if its in your budget and you feel comfortable to do that. 

InVideo Reviews

So from now you would already be wondering that how useful is InVideo for us, i was also at that time when i was in your place so now let’s go in discussion with some benefits and drawbacks that Invideo has for us. 

InVideo benefits:

So basically it has so much to benefit its users then to give drawbacks which simply means that it has more advantages than the disadvantages. Firstly, you can edit anything in invideo, It contains details tutorials relating with the Youtube channel and blogs, unlimited kinds of texts, speeches, images, colours, filters and stickers for editing videos, Highlight the words to search for the relevant content in video, you can sell videos since you are the owner, Has more than thousands of videos, musics and images which are like countless.  

InVideo app Drawbacks: 

However these are not considered to be a major drawback when a user uses the Invideo app, But it’s quite annoying sometimes and team are often working to improve these drawbacks effectively so that it can be reduced for the users overall. 

firstly the drawback is it has limitation of just 50 scenes (you would find repetition after a time), previewing and exporting consumes so much of time, Losing of layout choices if you changes your mind.  So basically these were some of the annoying parts that were linked with Invideo overall However that’s not too much to look and still you can enjoy this amazing app.

My experiences regarding Invideo app

As i am a digital marketer who is often working in digital world since long time, I always searches new platforms and applications which can help me to overcome obstacles and solve out issues as quick as possible. So in my opinion i think that this is a great video editing tool or application. Since it boosted my revenue and also helped me to create effective ads and meanwhile along with ads, It has also helped me in making Instagram posts which are eye catching. 

invideo app

Let me teach you in details regarding how you can often achieve this through 2 strategies

invideo app
  • Convert articles into Videos
  • Exploring pre-made templates

Although i have chosen the second option and earned upto $960 and you can also follow up with me and do this and even you can earn the same amount or maybe more. Lets see what i did.

Invideos helps to make different videos can be used on different meidas like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and much more. 

And to make your tasks easier, you can select from these categories of the videos: 

  • Offers / coupon 
  • Brand 
  • Product
  • Ads
  • Presentations 
  • Invitations
  • Motivational quotes
  • Webinar promos
  • Bite-sized ads
  • Video testimonials
  • Snackable videos
  • Listicles and more

Making out the videos on these categories are fantastic ideas for sure. So what i did basically to generate around $960 from Invideo was just i provided intro, outro and instagram post services as a freelancer and from that method i have earned this much amount of revenue.

Invideo app reviews: Some concepts for freelancers

It is often believed that there are multiple of concepts and thoughts regarding Invideo that means you are having different options to choose and give services to your clients, But in my case i am gonna speak about 3 main services which i have chosen from Invideo to provide to my clients and get some profit out of it. 

Youtube: Intro and outros

So what i did to earn money was just simply workers as freelancer to provide services like intro and outro especially to the youtubers. Since they are the peoples who are very interested in intros and outros to make their videos look special. 

Since Youtube is a platform where you can find everything as all video makers are present in Youtube and for example, you search for top news and there you, news related youtubers will come and give you news of what’s going on in current situation like. 

for example you might be wondering what’s the current situations of economies and countries during covid-19 pandemic so related to that you can get everything on Youtube. So basically that means you can find any kind of clients potentially suited with your relevant niche or topic for picking and providing services to them. For that process create your Fiverr gig and promote your services like professionals.  

Video Ads

Millions of business mens are there around digital marketing and online business world. And most of them are having opportunity for running Video ADS Simply because it’s worth it and income generates a lot from it. 

Instagram Posts

There are thousands of influencers which are present on Instagram. All of them has to provide useful and effective contents in such platforms. And it is often believed that Videos are like treasure for Instagram. 

So by providing effective Videos on Instagram, They can be attracted towards you and asks for help to make their videos look effective which is again a good and powerful method to earn income. 

Ways of promoting Your InVideo’s services

Now you have often create effective video designs and you have all those videos present in your profile but that doesnt means automatically customers will come to you which means that you have to search for them and generate money. 

Because simply posting your services are not a big deal but big deal is how you convince and get customers in order to promote your services and those are effective ways for earning potential income and revenue. 

Here’s you can do it: 

  • Make some Video Ads on InVideo
  • Share them like your sample work
  • Pitch or find your targeted customers
  • make and promote freelance gigs on Fiverr or upwork
  • sell your services with cold emailing
  • post these services on your website if you have any

There are many more tips and tricks apart from what i have used to promote my services and these are not enough, you can provide more services and find more ways for promoting. In this i will be telling you how you can be motivated for running this business. 

Simply go to free model of Invideo and from there boost uptop business model that would drive you to be motivated towards achieving your goals basically. So adopt these strategies if you are a newbie since these are the most easiest strategies that you would have ever come across. 

You are not a freelancer?

Let’s say that you don’t want to work as a freelancer and promote freelancing services, So that doesnt means that everything is ended and simply this tool is not effective enough for you, Still it can be effective like with the help of Invideo app, you can make effective images and videos for promoting your own business. 

For instance, You are running an e-commerce store, so you could possibly make product videos for promoting your products to customers effectively. And therefore run video ads on social media as well. 

Since Videos in today’s world are having so much demand that every person believes the videos blindly and promoting any services on videos can be fruitful for your own good. For instance, you can create video of your own blogs by just simply entering your blog post into the Invideo and boom!.

InVideo Review: My Final thinking regarding (Invideo app)

So there are no reasons on not to make income online since making money online has many ways and just at home flexibly you can generate a high amount of income overall. By just writing content of others in your own words or simply by creating intro and outro videos using Invideo app, You can possibly generate full time income. 

Even if you are unexperienced in creating Effective videos then Invideo is simply the solution provided for you to earn income effectively through creating best kind of intros and outro videos for Youtubers. 

Quickly summing up things the process through which you can go is firstly Start playing with Invideo app for free, provide services to Youtubers like ads, intros and outros, promoting your freelance gigs, scaling your business gradually. 

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