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Google workspace guide: Important tips to know

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Basically this Article is related with google workspace guide for beginners. Also known as the G-suite often is effective suite of applications which often assists you in working better than before. And i love workspace so much due to its amazing features that it offers to the customers. 

So that’s the reason i have made this article so that this same application can be helpful to others and newbies who has just started their careers. Now you may be wondering out that what is the meaning of G-suite? How can we get advantages from Google’s hand-crafted apps? 

So this particular article will provide all the necessary answers that you might be thinking about. Added to that, i will be telling some few things to do before you think to join Google workspace. As there are many advantages to use G-suite. For instance, Through the power of Google workspace, You could send bulk emails. 

G-suite has improved a lot from before and now the name of it is often the Google workspace. That’s the reason i will be using both of these names in my article. If You want to know more information, Then lets read and know more regarding Google workspace Guide.

What is Google space: Google Workspace Guide

Even if you are new to the business, Still i want you to know about Google workspace so that you can take full benefits. Google workspace guide would be helpful in your journey only if you have some deep understandings about this platform plus if you would be knowing the reason behind 2i am recommending it to you guys. 

So if you want more information about Google Workspace Guide, Then continue reading more. As it is also beneficial for your business and for education purpose.

Google workspace is mixture of Google apps to run your business smoothly. It also has some of the free applications that its users can often use is and those particular applications are often Google drive and Gmail without any cost user can use both of these. 

Whereas, Advanced applications through Google workspace for enhancing your business is not free. But, it is affordable. As google has designed them so many times in order to run your businesses in a professional manner.

For instance, You could get emails such as “A-advanced@gmail.com. However in the case with Google workspace, You will not get email address as same like you get normally and instead you will get more professional and clean kind of email which would be like “Arslan@A-Advanced.com” Which would often be closing up with your business name. 

Free version of Google drive would enable you to use around 15GB of the storage. Where as the G-suite version often adds up-to 30GB Unlimited storage, That often depends with your plans.

Why G-suite apps are my Favourite

Google-workspace apps are my favourite due to one main reason; seamless integrations. So that you could make email accounts for your workers or partners of business and then give them access to all the apps for a seamless workflow. Google-workspace provides instance collaborations with your team members. 

Google workspace (G-suite) apps

Almost for free, You could make use of these apps. However if you want to work smartly, Then you require the G-suite products with additional functions. Here’s a quick tip for you people; Download applications such as Google Chrome extensions. Let me make it simple to you guys, From now i will often be discussing regarding the G-suite versions of applications. So let’s begin now


So in general, G-suite Gmail is best email marketing idea. And, It would help you to prioritize your tasks in effective manner. It allows its users to stay on top of work which is very essential for them. And it’s ad-free email solution with high secure communication facility.

Google workspace guide

Now with the paid version of Gmail, You could often see more features such as:

Third-party integrations

Custom email addresses

30GB of storage

99.99% guaranteed Online

Unlimited group email addresses

However, the features list goes on. In this gmail gives you an opportunity for connecting with your business partners through Google meet and Google chat. 

Best thing required in it is that you don’t want to leave gmail and being in Gmail you can have proper communication. Added to that, You can often include around 30 email addresses for each user and that’s a great deal isn’t it?

Google Meet

This often assists your team in staying connected safely during the communication. Google apps are more than enough in order to run your company smoothly. Whereas adding Google meet is more better to enjoy more meetings possibly. 

Google workspace guide

Now all your team members or business partners can often see all the scheduled meetings, So that they often don’t miss any chance. Added to that, The google meet also enables its users in connecting the teams who often makes use of skype for business purpose. Any other peoples who are not having G-suite could also take place in your meetings.

Google drive

Make, Safe as well as see your particular files on the go using Google Drive. If you are often having data already from before, Then you can transfer that particular data in yours Google Drive without any doubt. As Google workspace;s version of Drive provides its users with great storages plan. 

Now you would often be wondering that how can it be various from Free version of Google Drive? Right but don’t worry i will explain u now. Basically business version of Google drive provides more storage, assistance as well as shared drives but that also depends upon your plans that you have chosen. Added to that, It also has upto 24 hours of email and phone support for its users.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms

With the help of these tools, You don’t need to install heavy software to make rich text documents, sheets, slides and forums. Since it works even offline, Assists its users in sharing files externally, As well as it helps in converting current documents in Google documents (Docs, Sheets as well as the Slides).

Google sheets has over 400 functions, From it You can make your custom ones also. whereas on the various note, Google slides provides so many templates to pick up from. Where you could often draw charts as well as make diagrams. 

G Suite Guide: Google Calendar

Invest more in time for taking particular steps so that you can track your actions in Google Calendar. It can also integrate with different apps such as Gmail, Sites or Drive. 

Google workspace guide

Arrange out the events and figure out which team members are often there and which are not. According to your own style, You can often show calendar to public or private to your team members if you want or if you want to show to just some members to your team.

Google Chat

For any kind of Business, Main factor associated is communication. Whereas Google chat enables its users in doing properly without the need to leave Google workspace applications. 

In this app a user is having the opportunity either to communicate one by one or they can choose group category for communication process. In this app, A user can often arrange all thrie chats in effective order for staying constantly dedicated towards their goals and business.

Google Sites

With the help of this particular kind of application, You can make dynamic sites for your teams, Events or any kind of the Venture. And for that procedure, You don’t need to be expert in programs. Also this is not just related with your team; As other peoples might also come in the sites. Google also assists its users in getting Custom domain for their business sites. 

Currents By Google

Google currents are internal source of social media for your team members and business partners. It assists its users in enjoying great discussions for staying concentrated to achieve common objectives.

Google workspace guide

Gather some concepts and drop them to your team members for getting immediate replies and to know what they think about your ideas or thoughts. If allowed through Administrators, Peoples outside Business can also participate in this particular process for giving opinions.

Keep By Google

I like to make notes with Keep by google since its very easy also its full of colours. Over here, You could possibly save lots of texts and also make their screenshots saved.

With the help of G-suite keep, You can collaborate with your fellows on notes, lists, pics and many things. 

G-Suite Guide: Apps Scripts

So basically Google did all sort of things to help you get success in your business by providing you its many features and amazing benefits such as apps script. Basically its known as the scripting place best suited for Light app developments. So that you can often create apps without the need to leave Google workspace.

Google workspace guide

Best thing regarding this app would be that you obtain advantage through Google Workspace APIs. Added to that, You can include other google services such as the Youtube, BigQuery and so on. So this can be good opportunity, if you like to built a good business. Which is linked with app development.

Cloud Search

This particular application often assists its users in Boosting their productions of team members and business partners. Cloudsearch is Artificial intelligence tool which is provided by google to help you in obtaining relevant data and knowledge. Which can be shared across other apps also.

Google workspace guide


Generally speaking, White boards which we see in schools, colleges and offices are present for sharing thoughts Right?. Whereas Google jamboard makes things go more in depth. In this app, your business partners or team members can simply share, save and give ideas just like whiteboard. And they can often join jams from wherever they are.

Google Workspace (G-suite) For Business

Google workspace guide

You can use G-suite for all kinds of Business. Its like swiss knife for businesses. Where you have got all the required facilities under one umbrella. Google workspace assists you in collaborating, organizing as well as marketing up your thoughts, goods and services. 

And if you don’t think of purchasing such application then it would often be your own drawback and you may end up in purchasing same services but with higher prices. 

G Suite Guide: Workspace prices for Business

The pricing is pretty affordable that means anyone can afford and start using this service. So if we talk about Google workspace price for business starter plan then the cost to purchase it is around $6 on a monthly basis for a single person if you have just started. With this plan you can get many benefits such as custom email address, 100 participants meetings opportunity, up-to 30GB of storage, Added with Security Controls. 

Whereas the standard business plan is costly as compared to starter business plan, In the standard business plan cost to purchase it is around $12 on a monthly basis for a single person.It offers many advantages starting from business plan. Also, It provides the opportunity to user for 150 participants and recordings. You would also get 2TB of Cloud storage.

Google workspace guide

And for each single user who is interested to use Business plus plan, The cost is around $18 on a monthly basis. And it has got all the benefits that can be obtained through business started and standard plan along with the opportunity of having up-to 250 people’s meetings, attendance as well as recordings. 

It also gives the opportunity of 5TB storage with advanced secure functions. And, if you want to improve more. Then, enterprise plan is best for your business. And in order to know for the cost, Let google know regarding your requirements. As the costs are not so much as compared with values you obtain with Google workspace. That’s the reason behind the creation of this article.

Google Workspace (G suite for Education)

Google workspace guide

G-suite for education is now Google workspace for education fundamentals. Its a tool that doesn’t requires money and is free to use for a better way of learning and collaborating things. However ‘Fundamental’ edition is free of cost just for qualifying institutes.

Google workspace Pricing for education

Google workspace guide
Google workspace guide

As you can see your own self that prices charged for students are very cheap around $3 per year.

G Suite Guide: 3 Things to Prepare Before You Sign Up for Google Workspace

Before you have decided to begin your journey with making your account in Google workspace, Let me give some information to you

  • Domain name: However its not needed that importantly if you like to get registered your domain with google.
  • Working credit card: Even if you choose free 14 days of plan, Your credit card is required.
  • Alternative email: Make your non-G-suite email address for safety purpose.

Done have a domain name? Simply purchase the domain that you will get at very reasonable rates from Namecheap since it provides best names at affordable prices. Is everything sorted? Okay let’s continue in signing up for your workspace now.

G Suite Guide: How to Sign Up Google Workspace

It is often believed that to make the Google workspace account is very easy like you make Your gmail or Facebook account. Simply move in to Workspace homepage and the start your process which is ‘get started’.

Simply fill out information regarding you where you need to enter yours business name, How many workers are hired by you as well as what’s your contact details and so on. Added to that, The Google Workspace will also asks that if you have domain already with you or you wanna purchase new domain.

domain You are required in connecting with your domain if you are having from before. otherwise, G-suite suggests you to make a domain name. After having domain name, You can often fill details in username as well as in password section.

Go through your account information and also your payments. After completing the steps, Google will send you the confirming email where you just require to click on confirm and your process will get started.

G Suite Guide: Few steps to follow after you are done signing up with Google workspace.

You would often be require for setting up with Google workspace page after your free 14 days time period. Simply visit admin panel and then clin on ‘more’ Icon for accessing the page. Then basically setup will ask some things from you which are:

  • Verify your domain: Google is asking you for confirmation that you are the user
  • Adding your team members: It’s not mandatory, However you are required to add members as its important. Don’t you?
  • Divide them into groups: segment your members within various groups for your business.

Let’s go through the process on how to do these things in order to help you with your business

Verify Your Domain

So basically under this, Google will help you in setting your account. Now i will be discussing some of the measures which are required to confirm domain name. And those particular steps needed are:

Login into Cpanel

Add a “META” tag to your site

Add the MX records which is offered through Google.

The process would often require from its users up-to 24 hours for new DNS to start. Whereas with my situation it just took 25 minutes approximately so it depends from user to user but maximum time for it is just up-to 24 hours. Whereas in meanwhile, Just set yours signature, Profile pictures and logo and let your subscribers know regarding yours new email.

Adding your Team Members

The process is simply very easy and there is no rocket science needed in this particular process. Simply select your domain name, open menu, Then select ‘Email’ from various options. Go to ‘Add or remove people from Google workspace for adding peoples. Choose role and then ‘ADD’. So this is what required from you in order to add your members for your G-suite account.

Divide them into groups

Simply sign in to yours G-suite account and then visit ‘groups’ section. from there you have to visit to ‘create groups’ and then just give a name to your group. Also its considered that if you add description, Then it will often assist others. Added to that, You can also choose anyone to become the owner of the Group. After you select ‘next button’ yours group will be formed.  

Set up Your cold email system with G-suite Guide

After signing up with Google workspace, This is basically best time for setting up your cold email system if you often need.

Quick summary on Google workspace Guide

So basically Google workspace is often having important and necessary tools which are required to assist in you getting success in your business in smart way. it consist of better versions of Gmail, Drive, Apps Scripts as well as many things. While being on G-suite dashboard, user can collaborate as well as communicate on the go.

It can help your business to grow in many forms like you can share what kind of goods and services you will provide, Whereas you can also gather comments from your team members regarding your work. In this you can make your business professional looking profile, do projects seamlessly as well as do planning in effective manner. It’s basically like inside work needed for any company to function in effective manner or you can say productive manner. 

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