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Ginger VS Grammarly: Which is better?

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Ginger vs grammarly


As you have just started your journey into digital marketing world, You may have been probably come across the terms grammarly and Ginger . This is the article which is telling the difference between Ginger and Grammarly. from this article, you are able to choose the best for you. As this Article is comparison of Ginger vs Grammarly

Both of these can work on grammatical issues. they also checks for making sure that there are no typos, Homonyms as well as various other issues related grammarly. Both of these functions best but somehow they are different from one another. Let’s explore more information by seeing the comparison among Ginger and Grammarly. Sounds Exciting? Let’sĀ get into the comparison section now.


If you are a university student and your job is to do research and write assignment reports, Then obviously you must have read the term known as grammarly. Right? As more than 10 millions of peoples use grammarly internationally, Since its well-known AL writing assistant. So that’s why you must have heard about this before.

ginger vs grammarly

However, as we are having comparison of Grammarly VS Ginger, we will explore first that what grammarly is basically. For example, like Ginger,  it’s also an AL writing assistant which makes sure that less grammar mistakes happens, Punctuations should be correct as well as the typing skills (Spellings). 
the free version of grammarly just offer basic things to its users but the other version which is somehow advanced and asks the money provides more functions as compared to free version. for instance, grammarly figures plagiarism in your report or assignments, recommends word limits and adds fluency to it.

Grammarly: Top functions and advantages

Basically it figures out from low level to higher level of grammar mistakes in the content. And if you don’t think so that you did anything wrong so grammarly can help you to figure out whether you was wrong or right. 

Grammarly function when you write. Added to that, it recommends you the procedures regarding how you can improve more from before and form proper sentences and meanings in your work.

lets jump onto some of the benefits while we use this Grammarly.

It checks spellings in American, British, Canadian and Australian English. 

helps its users to know regarding unnecessary things which could waste lots of time.

  • figure out unclear structure.
  • figure out the range of word limits and if word limits exceeds then warns its users.
  • get to know regarding useless tones.
  • Figures the language which is not somehow sensitive for the audience.
  • Align with your intent, audience, style, emotion and much more things.
  • Basically it’s pretty useful tool for checking your grammar errors in the report. It can function with any kind of sites without any sort of difficulties.  


This is also considered to be an Al tool which also checks the spellings as well as any sort of the grammatical errors when you write a piece of content. Basically it can also work with any kind of the browsers of favourite applications, Which would provide you quick corrections for almost all things from common typos to sophisticated grammar errors.

ginger vs grammarly

Particularly Ginger provides you everything which you would often require for making your blogs or websites better than before. Added to that, Ginger assists you in improving your english grammar. so it will not only helps to figure out any sort of errors in your work, but also it will improves the way its users will write next time through showing synonyms as well as other details.

Comparison of Ginger vs Grammarly 

Both of these tools basically assists its users for writing correctly. Both these tools can figure out errors in grammar, spellings or word limits. Each tool often casts a wide net, However they do have some sort of differences from each other.

ginger vs grammarly

Lets now go to explore information regarding the differences among both these tools

Ginger provides desktop app for mac (Unlike Grammarly) (Ginger vs Grammarly)

This tool is writing assistant which is available through browser and IOS and android app. This tool is also present in Mac and Windows.

Whereas Grammarly is the editor which has desktop app for Windows and not for the Mac. however this tool has grammarly keyboard available for iOS and android. in this we can say that ginger wins over grammarly since it provides desktop app for mac which grammarly doesn’t has.

Grammarly has a plagiarism checker which ginger doesn’t have

As we know that in today’s time, plagiarism matters a lot so we have to make sure that we don’t copy others work and write according to what we think or simply paraphrase their thoughts and write in our own words.
So grammarly often assists us with this by providing valuable tools which always makes sure that we remain below plagiarism levels and do the work. But in the case with Ginger this is not provided to the user which is major drawback of Ginger. 

So we can say that grammarly wins race here over from Ginger.

Grammarly assist its users for checking with their uploaded Content which Ginger doesnt do for its users.

 Grammarly tool often enables its users for checking the uploaded documents. Whereas ginger tool does not provides this kind of opportunity to its users. So this time also grammarly wins from Ginger as its considered to check double times your documents so that additional layers of mistakes can be solved easily. 

Ginger provides text to speech feature which grammarly do not provides

In this the ginger tool has a software which can read what you have written in your content to check how fluent you have written and this is quite beneficial when you need to write something which is conversational.

Ginger software: Features and benefits

Basically the Ginger software often assists its users to figure out some well-known errors such as consecutive nouns and contextual spelling correction. Ginger software also assist its users for correcting typos on the go. It also has tool to structure your sentences in a way that they can be readable and they can convey clear meanings. 
Basically the Ginger software is like your Gym trainer who teaches you all kinds of things which are required to improve better in english and grammar at the same time.
Let me write all these particular kind of features in bullet points:

  • Grammar check
  • spell check
  • sentence rephrase
  • personal writing trainer
  • text reader
  • translator
  • Dictionary
  • Emoji feature

Yes, it is having emoji feature as well which can create your content more nicely. Added to it, you can also use this feature in your mobile phones. lastly, Ginger functions with Microsoft, Mac, IOS, Android, Safari, Chrome and whatnot!

ginger vs grammarly

Whereas, On the various note, Grammarly does not provides the opportunity of text-to-speech feature. However you can voice-type the text with the software and in this ofcourse winner is Ginger.

Ginger supports over 40 languages (Unlike grammarly) 

This could be the major difference for non-English writers and marketers. As we know that grammarly is more known in the world as compared with Ginger software. However, Grammarly do not provide help for more than 40 languages or grammatical mistakes. Which Ginger provides, so obviously over here Ginger wins the race.

Pricing difference among Ginger vs Grammarly

As, both the tools provides important aspects. Which are basics to start with without any cost. Both of these tools also have their premium plans and business plans. Ginger Tool provides its users the premium plan for around $19.99 on a monthly basis. Which also includes ($13.99 on a monthly basis for special promotion). 
And if user wants ginger annually. Then for subscribing it annually, cost is around $12.48. Which is charged on the basis of per month. Which also includes the ($7.49 for monthly basis in special promotion for its customers).

ginger vs grammarly

And if you want to subscribe the Ginger application for 2 years, Then the payment will be often around $9.99 on a monthly basis which includes ($6.99/month for a special promo). Basically special promo is active by the time you start to write and anytime it can end. Ginger for business plan begins from $149 and increase to around $249 and $349 per month, which depends on your business requirements. 

Whereas, on the various note, Grammarly provides its plan for premium feature for around $30 on a monthly basis. It also costs about $20 on monthly basis for half of month and $12 on a monthly basis for year plan. 
Whereas if we talk about the business plan, Price starts from $12.50 charged monthly for every member of your business team. And it’s necessary for for your business to have around 3 participants from the team for buying the subscription.

Overall what i am concluding finally is that Grammarly is bit costly as compared with Ginger, Mainly if we talk regarding the monthly basis plans. However don’t jump into conclusions immediately, lets know some more information before we give our conclusions.

Summarizing the Ginger VS Grammarly: My suggestions

As we know that both of the tools are helpful for us to write effectively and reduce our grammatical mistakes. Now it’s your turn to select which is suitable for you, Which mainly depends upon what your requirements are. for instance, You can choose grammarly, If you don’t want to pay money separately on plagiarism stuff for your content.

ginger vs grammarly

You can select Ginger software if you need to play with words apart from English which is main language. Let’s do quick short summary in order to know the differences of both these tools.

  • Ginger is having desktop app for Mac (Both have Windows, IOS, and Android apps).
  • Grammarly involves tool which provides details regarding plagiarism.
  • Ginger has tool which can read our text in speaking manner so we can know fluency of our content.
  • Grammarly assist its users in checking up the uploaded documents.
  • Ginger helps users in more than 40 languages.
  • Grammarly has a more friendly UI/UX.

Both of these tools are amazing, But if you ask my opinion then i will go for grammarly. reason for me behind choosing grammarly is pretty simple since its very easy to use and is more user-friendly as compared with Ginger. 
Added to that, Grammarly assist me for checking whats my level of plagiarism is which means that i don’t have to pay separately for plagiarism which i will pay with the case of Ginger. That’s the reason, i will often be recommending this tool to you without a doubt. Whereas, i would only suggest ginger to you if you want to write in a language rather than English.

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