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How to get free traffic and over 25k views from Quora.

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Hello everybody, Today i will be sharing some of the tips and tricks that you can often use for achieving higher amounts of views and free traffic. In just 4 months i got more than 25k views just from Quora website with just around 9 answers. 

So this might play stories in your mind that what can i do to achieve this all. Don’t worry i am here to help you out from this cooked stories and i will reveal my special hacks and tricks which will help you to get more views to your content effectively. And thereby get free traffic. As you can see in picture below with just around 9 Answers. 

free traffic

Even, i was not active user of Quora profile. But still i got so much views within no time.. But, Some of you might not be aware of what’s the advantage of growing views on quora. So this article will helps you in explaining everything you would possibly be needing to get free traffic to your website. 

free traffic

By having views above 25k on your quora profile can possibly enhance your image in the community and also it will help you to build greater trust with your audience. When peoples will go through your answers. Then automatically they would be more interested to know your information. And they would visit your profile information. Where, Your background data will be provided.  And this can also increase free traffic in your website.

Biggest thing or reason behind building trust is your content mainly. it will be like an authority metric on your quora profile. Once you get more views and engagement in your profile. Then gradually more customers would come and therefore audience gets higher. As trust by audience will develop more in your profile content. And meanwhile you could also possibly gain some free followers and free traffic.

Likewise, the people’s will take interest to know more about you as an person and likely to click link recommendations on your answers. Mainly professionalism should takes place in your quora profile by that i basically mean is your profile should include effective and professional credentials about you since when you post answers people will see your profile or credentials. 

For example, Your status, job, experience and background should have to be written in professional way. So that readers should be aware of from where the answers are coming. And thereby, trust can also develop through this strategy. 

Likewise, the people’s will take interest to know more about you as an person and likely to click link recommendations on your answers. Mainly professionalism should takes place in your quora profile by that i basically mean is your profile should include effective and professional credentials about you since when you post answers people will see your profile or credentials. 

For example, Your status, job, experience and background should have to be mentioned in professional manner. So that readers should be aware of from where the answers are coming and thereby trust can also develop through this strategy. 

Quora traffic steps: Steps for getting free traffic in your quora profile 

So now i will be about to discuss mainly 4 tactics that will often helps you to achieve more than 25k views in just 4 months with mainly 9 answers

Tip 1: Giving Answers to Recent Questions in Quora

So mainly at the beginning of the tactic to get more views main thing is to answer out some of the questions on quora. Now some of you might wonder or ask yourselves that why do you need to aim at the latest questions and i also understand this thing completely. 

Simple idea is new questions has less competition. Since, if you reply on new questions. Then there are chances, your answer will get more views and engagement. But, dont reply for old questions. Simply, Because on old questions there are high competition rates. So with high competition rates, Your answers will not get many views.

which might need you to get many votes to get selected for more views. Now you guys might be wondering that how can we get latest questions in quro to answer right so simple answer to this question is just enter any niche which you would like to answer on quora search box. 

For instance, if you choose niche under digital marketing such as affiliate marketing. Then you need to adjust up the settings by sorting the time to past days or weeks for getting new kind of questions that peoples would have asked from the audience. 

By giving out the replies to new kind of questions would give you a chance to rank your answers in a greater number since competition was very low and engagement as well. 

Tip: 2 Answering most popular questions based on quora ads manager

My second tip or suggestion for you is that if you would like to increase your views on quora profile then you can possibly answer to most popular questions which gets higher views per week that means which are popular. 

Now in your mind question will arise that how can we often find that high view question which gets higher views on a weekly basis. So to answer out this question is simply by using quora ads manager free feature for getting the required knowledge and information. 

In your quora profile, you can often go through quora ads manager. Afterwards, you can often make a new campaign. On next page, You will go to campaign page, Which will request you to input conversion event, Goals and daily budget.

After finishing with that, Click continue. On the ad set page, select “Contextual targeting” as your primary targeting as well as select “questions”. 

free traffic

Now you will often be seeing a targeted question box appeared, afterwards select “Bulk add”. So basically over here you can enter any niche that you can pick to answer. For instance, If your interested topic goes with making money online. Then questions related that would be shown with their weekly statistics or information as you can see in the image down. 

free traffic

So, as you can clearly see from the image. That most viewed per week question is ” what’s the easiest way to make money online?. which has got 3000 till 3500 views on weekly basis. 

Then if we go to this question, Informations tells us that it has 11.8 k followers. With the number of answers more than 100. Although, You will not be having an opportunity for ranking your answers. 

But as we know from the sources that this question creator has around 11.8 followers. That often means that whenever we replies to its questions. Then, notifications will be provided to followers through emails received from quora website.

As, Followers might want to know some piece of information regarding this question. And hence you might get chance to attract some views automatically. As, we know that this technique is completely free and includes no sort of any charges. So this can be a great opportunity to get questions. That gets high views on a weekly basis from Quora website.

Which means, that you would not require to pay any amount of money to SEMRush or ahrefs. Since, you can get weekly views information just from quora internal data. Weekly views information offered through quora. Are the outcomes that generates huge audience from Google SEO and internally from quora itself. 

And in some cases your luck might be good that you could come through popular new questions with few answers. In which you can take complete advantage by ranking your answers on the top. And meanwhile getting organic views without any sort of charges. 

TIP 3: Answering question with ratio answer to follower 1:8

So basically this 3rd tactics will provide you the information among followers and replies (Answers). Effective ratio would be 7:1, That often means out 7 followers for each replies. 

Through this method, We can often make sure that question is still having the ability in ranking our answers. For instance; You can clearly see in image down of good questions with ratio answer to followers 1:21, which is effective. 

free traffic

Concept here is often to have a benchmark number of the ideal ratio. Which you can possibly target when answering to Quora’s questions. You are not bond to just stick with this rule. 

Since, In some situations, you would find a smaller ratio like 4:1 which is still not bad to answer. However, if the ratio numbers are less like 1:2 or 1:1. Then it’s not effective enough to answer or give replies to such types of questions in quora website. 

Because those particular kinds of questions would just be old. But, This rule is not there to answer new questions. As anything can happen with new questions.

If you notice that a question has high amount of followers and low engagement or replies such as 9:1. Where the followers are 9 and answers are just 1. In that case you can take opportunity and possibly reply to that particular question. In which you answer would get more views instead of giving answers, where already 100 of answers are there.

Tip4: Sharing your answers on related quora space to hijack quora free traffic

Finally here comes about the last and final technique in which we have to share information directly with quora space. As you can observe from my post in beginning. That due to this strategy which is giving answers in quora space directly. My views have been increased out significantly within no time. 

And i believe therefore that this strategy is the best strategy so far i have observed in my life. As it is considered, that when we share our opinions directly with quora space. Then automatically it can catch many followers eyes and you can get into limelight within no time period. 

If your answers gets approval by quora space that has above 150k followers. Then it is believed that views for your answers can be increased dramatically. Since, if there are more followers in quora space. Then there would be more chances of views as well to your answers. 

So, the best thing out for you is try answering on different quora space medium. Which also has big number of followers so you can get more views for free in organic way. 

However, with so many benefits. This strategy can also bring some disadvantages, such as the approval policy. Since some quora space often needs approval. And once they approved your particular answers, then only your answers can often be posted. Otherwise there is no chance and that can lead to a disadvantage for you especially. 

free traffic

So basically this particular strategy is often getting eyes of many peoples towards our answers. It’s also proven to build your own space as well as grow the audience on your own quora space. Since you would be having more power over your own quora space. 

Some extra suggestions from my side to you regarding free traffic

So, i am now gonna give you special tip that will bring more success in your views. In quora space basically. Which is that you can install free chrome extension which name is Q-stats. Basically, this application will provide you with all the marketing details. Related with the questions you think and the method involves no cost at all. 

free traffic

So basically, whatever details you need about the question. That much of the details Q-stats will provide you in effective manner. 

Which means you would be knowing information regarding how many followers does the question has. How many number of views the question often receive on monthly basis, number of answers it gets on monthly basis. Here a short information of each stat for determining the ranking opportunity score on Q-stats. 

Average monthly views: Basically its an primary factor to determine about the question in order to know that whether people are interested for this question to answer or not. 

Number of Answers: This factor will be considered for ranking out your answer to the question and if you that there are more than 120 answers given then it’s a big no since you would not be having chance to rank your answers at any cost. 

Following list: This factor will basically gives you an idea about how many peoples are interested in knowing answer related to the question. 

So, if you see that the number of question is often having high followers. Then its opportunity for you to answer out that particular question. Since your answer can be ranked because followers are more. So people would be interested to know what you have written basically. 

Followers:Will give you the information on how many people will be interested in knowing the answer to the specific question. 

As I have explained, when you answer questions with a high number of followers. They will get notifications of new answers. And some of them will come to check your answer and upvote your answer. Which can be one of the ranking factors.

Number of related topics: This factor would basically provide you the details regarding how much topics are linked with this particular kind of the question. If you observes the more related topics with this question. Then it’s basically an opportunity to show in other feeds as well. 

primary factor of q-stats for determining the opportunity to rank would be how much on average views are getting per month. And also how many number of answers, the question is often getting per month. 

Whereas, The secondary factors for ranking would be related topics and the followers. So basically opportunity ranking score will give you a clear insight regarding the question and the rating on scale 1-5. 

As the question has more rating. So you can have a good chance to answer it and get more rank by others. And that’s it from my side. You can use these particular hacks in order to rank higher in Quora and get more views within no time. 


Overall speaking, growing your quora content views can boost your trust with viewers. And ranks your answers on a higher level, which could also include your links recommendations. That you might have provided about your website. So basically, those 4 tips provided by me can helps you to boost your content views in quora spaces. Within no time and get more free traffic.

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