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Email validation: Everything you need to know (2021)

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Email validation


Basically, valid email addresses plays a major role for making your business to be successful. Through the email marketing. And this is the factor, which leads everyone us to check whether the list of email addresses are valid or not. This article is related with Email validation.

And at times, mistakes do happens in emails. Since some customers are just in hurry and they type whatever comes in their mind. Without double-checking what they are often writing. Which can lead to error in email list. As so many issues arises, Now you may wonder how can we get good volume and error free emails?. So simply solution is to go for Email validation services.

What do you mean by Email Validation?

As per the sources of Convince and Convert, Those customers who uses email often purchase products 138% more than those peoples who don’t get email offers at all. Added to that, Recently in the Loqate consumer survey, we got to know that more than 70% of consumers regularly see their emails each day. According to campaign monitor studies, 41% of emails are seen in Mobile phones by customers. Whereas the rest of 23% of consumers, who opens emails in their mobile devices see those emails twice again.

email validation

As per the concepts of McKinsey, Email is more effective to grow your business in comparison with Facebook and Twitter. And the results shown that the Email grows your business 40% more than FaceBook and Twitter. And also same time helps your company to expand in terms of getting more clients from time to time.

As per the concepts of Direct Marketing Association, Its observed that Email marketing is having ROI of about 4300%. Which means that no trees are harmed and instead they are saved. Basically in simpler terms, Email validation is procedure to check and analyze if the emails are correct or wrong.

It runs a process that can figure out the catches typos, either they are correct or made up of errors. It also makes sure to give information to the user. Regarding if email address is having proper domain like Gmail or Yahoo. This tool not only assist its users to organize. As well as clean their list of emails, But also enables your email sender score. Which would thereby maximize the productivity of your email program.

How Email Validation Functions?

As most of the well known email service providers (ESPs) will already offer the email validation services. In beginning, You need to collect all email list, Then upload them in Tool. After then, email validation tool will check if any emails are valid, risky or invalid.

Valid: Which often means that email address are present. And they are not having any sort of mistakes or errors in them. And it will be verified until mailbox levels.

Risky: Which means, that recipient is often available. However due to some aspects, It could result in error or bounced emails.

Invalid: If you see that email address is not valid , Then possibly it could has errors in it.

How email validation can be helpful for us

It’s sometimes important to validate your mail list before executing email marketing campaigns.

  • It reduces bounce rates up-to 98%. Which improves email delivery. And also makes sure that all invalid emails are removed.
  • Assists its users in maintaining better sender score.
  • If you will not send emails to invalid peoples then you will save so much of cost as well.
  • As your email will be send to right peoples, Your conversion rate would get better.

Some ways in which email validation can be done are:

  • Whenever a client enter his or her email address, You can include the function of auto-complete aspect which would enable them for selecting the right email and not the wrong. Which would surely remove any possible errors.
  • You can often makes use of another tool applications such as Neverbounce.com or you can go for Returnpath.com which can provide you with proper results regarding email.
  • Double opt-in: it is often considered that the double opt-in is most effective method in order to validate the email address. If any client sign up for your email list or newsletter, simply send them email requesting email validation

How can pepipost could validate your email addresses?

Pepipost is considered to be best platform, This tool generally helps users in keeping their spam very low and meanwhile at the same time also increase more chances of better emails. for ensuring out that emails are not sent to wrong addresses, this tool generally puts all invalid emails into a section which is known as incorrect syntax where all unwanted emails are placed so that only correct emails can be delivered to the clients.

for checking out validate emails, we generally makes use of following regular expressions which are like:



In the conclusion, we should realize that validating emails nowadays is very essential for removing out the errors and unwanted issues in our campaigns. if your email list is not clean, Then spam rates can be Higher. And business would result negatively. As recommended above, we should also validate any kinds of emails before sending.

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