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ConvertKit vs Constant Contact: (Which is better in 2021)

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So, as you have started your journey in email marketing business. And you have done a lot of research in it, Still you must be wondering out that which email service is better to pick and why. Do Not worry, This article is comparison of ConvertKit vs Constant contact

So in this Article you will be seeing everything between 2 email services. Which are constant Contact and another is the Convert Kit. As its observed that Email Marketing generates good amount of money on investing in it without any doubts. 

However, it’s only possible if you perform it with effective tools required for the email marketing business. So in this post you will be getting clear picture between these service providing products. And also their prices so that it can be easy for you to decide that what email service you want to choose and why. 

Major comparison between ConvertKit vs Constant contact.

convertkit vs constant contact
  1. As compared to ConvertKit vs Constant contact, The Convert Kit is more expensive. 
  2. As Comparison with Convertkit, The constant contact has more delivery rates. 
  3. Like Convertkit, Constant contact do not offer pre-built landing page templates. 
  4. Constant Contact provides Live Chat support but Convert Kit does not provide it. 
  5. As compared with Constant Contact, the Convert Kit provides more email automation services. 
  6. Constant Contact is for small business owners and Convert Kit is mainly targeted for the bloggers. 

If you will wonder that which service do i use. So straight away i will often be going for the ConvertKit. Simply the reason behind choosing such service is that it provides me with more pro features in emails. Helps to make better templates and a straightforward user interface. 

Also added to that, Covert Kit is made more for the digital marketers. As compared with Constant Contact. But it does not mean that Constant Contact is less important. As this service also has so much advantages, without any doubts. 

It just depends from a person to person about which service to be picked and which not. In my case i go for the Convert Kit. If you are still Confused. Then i will often highlight about the differences more. 

Constant Contact

It is often believed that the Constant Contact provides a wider range of marketing applications as well as also gives the solutions in comparison with ConvertKit.  SMEs as well as the non-profit making businesses can possibly makes use of these tools for capturing more customers and thereby also building stronger connections. 

Constant Contact often assists you with: 

  1. Launching your email marketing campaign within no time. 
  2. Engaging with your clients in no time. 
  3. uploading your goods and services to your online store.’
  4. spread word about you.
  5. increase your sales with help of Google adsense. 
  6. make effective website for you. 

This is not ending Constant Contact often has many more features and benefits to provide to its users. So don’t think Constant Contact is just like email marketing solution. But it is a complete solution and also guide for ecommerce as well as for your marketing requirements. 

As in comparison to Convert Kit, Constant Contact is often more big. whereas covert kit just offers email marketing solutions. Let’s explore more about Constant Contact features.  

convertkit vs constant contact

Email Marketing: 

This service often assists you in creating your email marketing like a advanced marketing like pro. In it, Email Editor often is effective in letting you customize as well as design your emails in effective manner. 

The tools also make it responsive to almost all devices globally. Automation of email marketing would assist you to enhance in your revenue through sales with a welcome email, triggered email series as well as the contact segmentation. 

Furthermore, it often assists the user to resend emails to non-openers. That could be a great opportunity without any kind of the Doubts. 

Ecommerce Tools: 

Constant Contact often assists its users in finding out new clients as well as also keeping them involved every time. You can Track, Segment as well as Automate your emails seamlessly. 

Social Media Marketing: 

It is often believed that the constant contact constantly helps you to be in touch with your audience. Along with email marketing, Constant contact helps its users even for the social media marketing. 

This service also permits its users for posting as well as scheduling their social posts effectively. This tools also assists its users in making choices according to analytics so that choices can be made on trends. 

Tracking tools: 

This tool often assists you in finding your results effectively which means overall that you can possibly enhance your results more effectively. What do i mean by that? Well, You can clearly see that which person is opening the email and sharing emails

Constant Contact Pricing: 

In beginning you have opportunity to start for free. Basically free trial often goes with maximum period of 3 months. That’s more than sufficient to take benefits out of this tool. After that, you might require to select from ‘Email’ to ‘Email Plus’.

convertkit vs constant contact

Basically ‘Email’ section is charging $20 on a monthly basis, But it depends upon how many contacts are you having. However, you can often send as much of emails as you like and thereby take more advantages out of them. Whereas ‘Email plus’ is starting from $45 monthly and increases based on your email lists. 

Now let’s explore some information and price related with Convert Kit. 

If we sum up the things then we can come in conclusion that the Covert Kit is more simple and straightforward to use. It provides seamless solutions to bloggers for automating their email marketing campaigns. 

Bloggers, Youtubers, Podcasters as well as the digital marketers goes for convertkit for; fair pricing, Built-in opt-in forms along with double-opt-in support, content-friendly email capture tools, seamless email sequence builder, Awesome landing page editor. 

From landing page editor to providing out paid newsletters, ConvertKit offers almost everything under one roof. If you want to sell digital products and services meanwhile also targets campaigns more often then Convert Kit is a better option for you. But, Make sure that you can afford it in your budget otherwise choose Constant contact tool. 

Convert Kit Features

Lets see some essential aspects that Convertkit has to provide to its users. After then you can take decision that which service tool you should be going with whether it is Constant Contact or Covert Kit. Usually if i say then Convert Kit has more friendly features with it. However at some moments you might need knowledge regarding HTML codes in this tool 

convertkit vs constant contact

Sell Digital goods and services

So basically Convert Kit assists you in selling your digital goods and services. This tool provides you with great insights into analytics so that you can know exactly what you should often be doing and how things work basically. 

This particular tool also gives its user an opportunity to use lead magnets for building up their email list. It’s not only Convert Kit, But the Constant Contact also assists its users in selling up the digital products and services.

Convert kit assist you to make effective page for sales with distinctive ‘buy now’ buttons. With this tool easily you can sell products and services which are digital without the need to involve any other application. 

Email Marketing aspects: 

Makes your email marketing techniques effective through sending messages to targeted audience. For instance, Plan A to send them who has started newly and Plan B to send them who are little experts than newbies. 

convertkit vs constant contact

Added to that, providing emails specially opted to show your brand is hassle-free with this tool. You can also take opportunity to use as well as make templates for your emails. Added to that, you can send timed content to your subscribers. And also automate your sales funnel like a pro. 

The best thing about this tool is that there is no need to make Facebook advertisements in order to targets certain audience, Since convert kit does everything by its ownself. Convertkit also assists its users to change the wrongly added links in your email. 

Pricing of Convert Kit

The tool includes ‘free, ‘Creator, and ‘Creator pro’ plans in which pricing is to be made. If you are having more than 1000 subscribers then you don’t need to pay. Convertkit creator plan pops in with $29 for more than 1000 subscribers. 

convertkit vs constant contact

Creator pro often begins from $59 on a monthly basis upon 1000 subscribers. Basically pricing are made according to the number of subscribers you are often having. However then you can make unlimited landing pages, broadcasts and forms. All plans includes selling digital goods, subscriptions and email support. 

Some Differences of ConvertKit vs Constant Contact

Again, all the factors often depends upon various things like the cost of the product in this case Constant Contact wins as it is affordable in terms of giving services to its customers. And also added to that, Constant Contact often has many features to provide to its customers as compared to Convert Kit. 

But the thing is that the Convertkit often provides useful email messages for helping its content creators to grow effectively. Added to it, you can use constant contact on android and iOS, unlike Convertkit, which operates only as the web application. 

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