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CJ affiliate marketing: Everything to know about CJ (2021)

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CJ affiliate marketing


Welcome to my post related with CJ affiliate marketing case study. In this blog post, i will be revealing some strategies. About, How to start with CJ affiliate network with a bang. Usually, As it needs some time to earn as an affiliate marketer. Which usually requires the time period of up to 3 months. 

In this post you will be going to get all your answers. That how can you make couple of dollars. Maybe starting out from your first month which is a good news for you Right?. Let’s start the journey to lean about CJ affiliate marketing case study

CJ affiliate marketing Case study: Overview 

So in this Article, I will often be revealing out some of the tips and tricks. Which can possibly helps you to get your revenue in first month very easily and quickly with CJ affiliate network. Quora Ads as well as the Link.Me.

Now you would be wondering about that, i have discussed in beginning. That the payments usually takes around 3 months. So how can we get money so quickly? Don’t panic yourself too early. Simply relax and read this Article. To get to know amazing information.

CJ affiliate marketing Case Study; Issues

So basically, you have signed up for affiliate network like CJ. You have also given all the required details which needs for approval. So that you can start earning commissions. But the issue arising here is that you can earn nothing in your first 3 months. Unless and until you have goldmine email lists. So this issue is major. 

Solution for this problem

So mainly, solution for not making money in first month can often be advertising. However you might lose your money in this situation. But don’t panic quickly as i am with you to help you overcome this issue easily. 

Some steps are: start with CJ affiliate network. Make better content, And basically just run Quora Ads for earning out the money. Since starting with CJ affiliate marketing program is very simple and easy.  

Starting with CJ affiliate marketing would be your first step. In order to start your process for making money with affiliate programs. 

CJ affiliate network

Cj affiliate marketing network is very loyal towards its users. And does what it says and also it’s one of the top most trusted Affiliate networks within the world. And from the last 20 years this network is present in the world. 

CJ affiliate network focuses with pay-per-action programs. And it’s a part of 500 businesses named alliance data systems. Over 3000 merchants are available with this network starting from Barnes & Noble to GoPro. CJ affiliate network focuses with pay-per-action programs.

However it is often different as compared with Amazon associates and Clickbank due to these particular kind of aspects: Detailed real-time reporting, lots of goods and services as a option, enhance your version more as a publisher and so on.  CJ affiliate network gives its publishers, more than $1.8 billion of commissions.

And it has many things for us to perform like we can personalize our affiliates, We can track cookies on-the-go. Let’s explore information or processes needed to join this affiliate network platform.  

Requirements needed for signing up with CJ affiliate network

Now advantage is that this particular affiliate program does not charge any sort of money from us and we can join freely without the need to pay any cent or bucks. However, The drawback of starting your journey with CJ is you should be above 18 years old. And you should be having your own website

Why? Simply, This platform is based on publishers. Which we also do, Like we publish Articles. And then paste our affiliate links in Articles. But you don’t need to have multiple CJ accounts if you are having so many websites. However, Main disadvantage of working with CJ is, If you dont earn any money within 6 months. Then you account gets deactivated.

That’s the reason, i made this Article. So that this same problem cannot happen with you in future. So make sure to read this Article. And go through tips and tricks. So that your account don’t face such issues.

Paying methods at CJ affiliate marketing 

Usually, payments are provided as per 20 days term. In which you receive the payments within 20 days in the end of month. I often believe that this particular kind of system is very effective for getting your money. However, Most essential thing to keep in Mind. Which is, we don’t receive money in Paypal account. But, we receive only in Pioneer account.

If you are living in some particular countries as listed in CJ official site. Then you can get payments directly to your bank accounts as well. Minimum of payment you can get from this network would be of around $100. In the account’s setting, You have to give yours payoneer details. So that, You can get money with this system.

How to make an Account on CJ affiliate network

Now there often lots of affiliate products to choose and promote from this platform whether its about gardening or whether its about food and health related stuffs and you can pick any of the topics related to your niche and start promoting them to earn money no matter whatever your niche is you will find under this platform. 

Simply sign up as a publisher and give them details about yourself and your website so that they can approve you and you can go with this platform for promoting products related to your niche. 

So, As you fill forms in different affiliate platforms. The same policy is also goes with this platform. Which basically means that you have to confirm yours email address with CJ at first. Then after confirming email address, You have to fill necessary data in publisher section to sign up the form.

In that form provide all the required details that you often needs to fill in and along with that check out the “Accept terms and conditions” simply click on accept and there you go boom.

Cj affiliate marketing

After, go to your CJ’s dashboard, Click ‘Account’ after select ‘Network profile’ option which is often provided in the dropdown list. So that CJ can know information regarding your website and the work you have done, what promotion you did basically that’s all. 

CJ affiliate marketing

Basically CJ’s network profile seems like Resume. So make sure its professionally filled for your own good. When you have done with all the process then set up your administrative settings now. 

Provide your tax and payment details. So that in those accounts, You can get money from CJ account. You can often select out the payoneer or direct deposits if you are living in other countries. 

CJ affiliate marketing

Now there you go for advertisements section in CJ affiliate marketing. As publisher, I think that you should be having important data regarding HTML. Click on the “Advertisers” and then select your ‘Category’ on CJ’s dashboard. 

For instance, i have chosen to promote Contabo VPS hosting services for this CJ affiliate marketing case study

Now in front of every advertiser, You will often be seeing three columns. Let’s explore out each column now. 

Network Earnings

Basically it tells about how advertisers are often performing with CJ affiliate network. Green bar is showing volume of commissions which are often provided to publishers. As green bar remains for long time, You can also earn money for longer time period.

Earnings per Click (EPC)

dksbn MMB Second column is basically about Earnings per click, that often shows how much sales you could possibly generate from, As EPC gets high, Then automatically you will be paid more. 

Join program 

So basically the third column is containing an green button for joining with CJ affiliate network. With the help of this button submit out your application if you are interested to join this network. 

But, approval is necessary to get started at first. After your applications gets approved, You can get your links to promote and make money next to advertiser section. You can select from HTML, Javascript, Click or image URL for getting the code that often contains your affiliate link. 

You can often customize your code, then simply copy and paste in your own blog for making money. Congratulations, Now your account has been started with this network and you can earn your commissions possibly. But first a fall your complete focus should be just to make content as much as you can for your topics in order to start this business. 

Creating best content

Basically affiliate marketing is for those kinds of peoples who often likes to keep patience and with dedication they get their money so it’s just a matter of hard work and dedication after that you can get your rewards to enjoy from these channels. 

Most successful persons who are working in this affiliate platforms always suggest us to give content, create value in your blogs according to your selected topics so that audience gets attracted.

Then after creating blogs, You should always look up for products and services which are according to your niche. For instance, I have selected for promoting Contabo hosting services since it often provides a solid bang for bucks. 

Simply most of my information is regarding online business that’s why i also promote services which are often linked with online business.

Run quora ads

It is often believed that there many ways for promoting your business internationally. And i suggest that most important thing to promote your business is often from quora simply it has thousand of different peoples to give their opinions out. 

And also some affiliate marketers suggest that quora advertisements could generate lots of revenue to our blogs by getting free traffic overall. What basically i did was that i ran quora ad for the blogs post based with Contabo.

And thereby i was able to bring some audience in my articles without the need to give my affiliate link. Before i did it, I took help from Link.Me to shorten my affiliate links.

Basically this is a fantastic URL shortening tool for helping you to shorten your links. As the people gets easily convinced to click on shorten link than on the longer links as they feel them as a fraud. After you makes your affiliate links smaller then you can start your journey by promoting them in order to get your revenues.

I ran a straightforward clickable ad on quora through entering the link to my blog post and target specific keywords. Select your target keywords carefully so that you can be able to identify which particular kind of peoples can see your ads.

Some of the common questions and Answers related with CJ affiliate marketing Case study

So basically in this section, I will be providing important questions and answers that are mostly discussed so that your concepts can be clear regarding with CJ affiliate marketing case study

What does this platform do?

Basically this platform often assists out some of the publishers and also advertisers at the same time for making their income. You as publisher can join hands with famous international brands and also with small companies as an affiliate marketer. Simply it is often having power and capacity to reach millions of clients across the world. 

How you can start your journey as a CJ affiliate?

In simple, You have to visit to its official website that is CJ.com and from thier you need to sign up as the publisher for becoming its affiliate. Then you need to give all the required details and information. Which contains your email address, your website, your contact details and which languages you speak in. 

Then, simply move on to ‘publisher sign up form’ after clicking the ‘Next button’. Then your journey gets started to promote your links and earning money by doing it. 

Is CJ website worth it?

This network is often assisting millions of peoples around the world to promote affiliate links and earn money. So how come the question arises that is it legit, Of Course it’s worth it and thats why its still running on net and millions of peoples and publishers around the world are using it for earning money and live a life they need. 

Does CJ affiliate Auto approve?

Now this depends on person to person if your profile is best then you could get approval as soon as possible but if your profile is missing in some information then it’s like a drawback for you since it requires information for getting approval. 

And also at times, Advertisers and publishers working in this particular kind of network may control the approval. So auto-approve is basically linked with some of rules and regulations.

How to get links On CJ affiliate website?

First explore and see your products based on your niche then from there once you choose a product to promote then you must “Get link” by clicking to get your affiliate link. below the custom code, You would find a link after the ‘a href’ tag.

Or you can also click on the individual link tab also. Then simply copy and paste that particular links to your blog posts or articles.

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