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Canva Affiliate program: How to earn $500 or more (2022)

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Do you have a faith in Canva affiliate program? Do you think that non designers can also design perfectly? if no then let’s explore the information regarding it. Are you confident enough to promote this program? Or your audience is having interest within the designing sector?. 

If your answer is yes then this article is just right for you, since you can generate tons of money by reading this article because you will get valuable information on how you can earn that much amount of money from Canva Affiliate program. 

So in this article you will get some information regarding Canva referral program, along with my case study. After you finish reading this post, You can start generating revenue through promoting Canva affiliate program. I will also be telling you some strategies in order to earn up-to $500 or more on a monthly basis. If this much sounds good then let’s explore more.

The person who created Canva was Melanie perkins, Canva is considered to be best tool for those peoples who don’t know how to design and it was developed in the year of 2012. From that time, Canva has gained success and now over 18 millions of peoples are using Canva all around the world and also making money out of such platform. 

Canva affiliate program

So as you can see there are many peoples who are coming around the Globe to use such platform and you can also do the same through using its affiliate program for earning money. Because simply you have so many customers out there for Canva.

Canva platform makes use of impact technology for delivering out its program to digital marketers like us. On Canva Pro, you can get paid up-to 80% of commissions within first 2 months whereas on subscribing it annually you can receive around 25% of commissions from Canva platform.

you can start your affiliate journey with Canva even if you are just using typical blogs for writing articles, or you are just email marketer or social media influence whatever you are, You can start promoting such amazing platform and make tons of money. I will be discussing this things more in detail.

Canva Affiliate Earnings

If you ask then let me tell you that the earnings generated through Canva program depends from a person to person and his or her hard work like which methods they choose for promoting Canva, everything depends. 

Some peoples using Canva are making more than thousands of money and some are just little money. But as an affiliate marketer, you can get paid around $36 for each sign up for the pro subscription

Now i will be going to show you guys some of the information regarding Canva earnings:

Affiliate Commision type: Single-payment (Nonrecurring)

  • Duration of cookies: 30 days
  • Options of payments: includes so many choices, such as Paypal or simply the bank transfers.
  • Commision rates: 15% on monthly subscription whereas 80% on annually basis
  • Affiliate Technology company: Impact

Review of Canva Affiliate program

Canva’s affiliate platform is best way to earn money for digital marketers. It basically provides all the necessary equipments and data which is required in order to assist you for making your affiliate program fruitful in longer run. 

In such program, You can get the information regarding cookie duration time period, rates of commissions as well as email addresses. Its affiliate commision rate is very good, since you are being paid on 15% for annually basis and around 80% based on per month subscriptions. Added to it, You can get advantage from its deep linking, advertising banners as well as different promo content. 

So let’s go for some of this program’s disadvantages to be discussed and major disadvantage for this program is that it just has around 30 days of cookie duration which is very less as compared with other affiliate programs and also Canva is very strict in allowing affiliates with just 43% of acceptance rate.

However, if we go in general case then we can say that this platform is best for all kind of digital marketers and mainly this is best for those who specializes in designing sector. 

How to start yours journey with Canva Affiliate platform

For getting started with such affiliate platform. The first thing required by you is to apply for impact. And once you get approval from Canva to start promoting products then you can begin your journey and generate revenue possibly. 

Canva affiliate program

The concepts of starting your Journey as an affiliate marketing through Canva referral program is clear which is:

  • You should be having a good amount of peoples. (whether they are on your social media platform or any different kind of digital marketing)
  • And you need to promote Canva through yours marketing platforms

Simply in Canva platform in the homepage section. Click on ‘join now’ in affiliate section. Then your page will be directly shifted towards impact page. And from there you have to give details about you and your marketing channels. And if you are already using impact. Then from categories of brand, You can select Canva simply to get started.

Canva affiliate program

Give all the required data and information regarding your marketing channels and how much audience you have attracted so far. Be honest and clear with your information.

Canva affiliate program
  • Now you have to wait for Canva to give you approval. You just have to wait for sometime.
  • You will receive an email from Canva within 48 or 72 hours. Regarding if you get approval by Canva to promote it or not. If Canva don’t approve you, Then main reason would be that you are new and you need to have audience first. Or you don’t have proper skills for designing.
  • You can promote Canva affiliate links, after Canva approve you. In order to do that, go to ‘My brands’ then choose Canva. Select through HTML code or tracking links. basically HTML code refers with “Ads/Banners’ for Canva. select best looking banner or simply copy and paste your tracking link in your marketing platforms or websites. 

In order to generate more revenue through affiliate commissions using Canva, I would suggest you for studying the pro features firstly. Then i think it would assist you more and also if you makes use of pro version. Added to that, I will tell you 7 best strategies for promoting Canva pro subscription.

Top 7 ways of promotion for making up-to $500 or more using Canva platform on a monthly basis

In my case, I have already planned for running ads to promote Canva and generate around $500 on a monthly basis. However there are other methods also by which you can particularly promote Such amazing platform. Let’s figure those ways now. 

Canva affiliate program
  • Make Canva tutorials on various social media platforms which also includes Youtube the once you grow more audience then let them know Canva by sharing your affiliates links with them.
  • Writing articles in websites or blog sites for assisting designers as well as non-designers. Then simply paste your affiliate links, so that they can use and same time u can get money.
  • Add banner ads in your blogs or website, like i always do.
  • Always share your knowledge of strategies by using Canva in various social media platforms. Such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • make some videos using Canva and then share it on Tiktok with yours referred link.
  • post your blog or website landing page on Pinterest or quora which attracts many visitors in order to get traffic
  • provide values to your customers when you send them emails.

Let’s discuss some of the most commonly asked questions and answer them regarding Canva affiliate platform. 

Does Canva involves affiliate programs for its users?

Canva profides the affiliate program just for its pro-version. And due to that reason you can start your journey and make money since most of the peoples nowadays wants visualed content. Even if you write blogs, or you have website, or even you are non-designer, basically any category of people can start generating money by referring canva to their audience in general. 

How to become affiliate for this platform?

Simply visit in Canva’s official website from there select the option which says ‘Join Now’. Then you will go to its pro program in impact network. From there, simply make your account in Impact, fill in the required details. Then you can make money after you get approval and share you affiliate links with your customers or clients. 

How can we get affiliate links from Canva?

After you make your impact account and after you joined with Canva pro affiliate program. Then you need to get affiliate links. And to do that simply go to ‘My brands’ within yours impact account, choose ‘canva’ and select the tracking link. On the right side of Canva’s dashboard you can find tracking link too. 

Can i earn income from Canva?

Absolutely the answer is yes. And in many ways you can generate yours revenue from this platform. You can either go for referral affiliate links or you can simply be a designer and earn money. 

If you choose to become its affiliate, Then you could earn around $36 for each pro sign-up. and if your customer subscribes for full year then you can earn one-off commision till full one year. Isn’t it exciting?

How to know what partner type to choose for Canva?

Basically, canva wants to know useful information from you. To know how much your business is powerful. So that’s the reason it is often asking you for the partner type. You can simply go for content category if you are often having blog, website, social media influencer and so on. You can also choose the email category if you have good amount of email contacts with you. 

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