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BlueHost Affiliate program: Everything to know in 2021)

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BlueHost Affiliate program


Are you looking to get money by blueHost affiliate commissions without having your website?. Even if you don’t have huge audience. Still, You can earn commissions from BlueHost Affiliate program. Now, i am going to share some tips and tricks, On how you can get money through Quora and medium. To earn referral money possibly.

Firstly, You will be learning some basics regarding bluehost affiliate programs. secondly, You will get to know that why i chose Bluehost for earning revenue. In the end of this article, You will understand about the ways through which you can possibly promote your affiliate links on medium and get some audience from Quora.

For each referred client, a user can often earn up-to 65$ which is amazing for the affiliate marketer isn’t it?. Its best program since customer would just spend about $8 on a monthly basis and gets the first month for free. thats why, a simple close of $3 ($3 underlying) pays $65. Huh? How could that be?

BlueHost Affiliate program

Basically it’sĀ all related with clients lifetime values. Bluehost understands about hosting clients would provide more values over just $65. Usually, Clients don’t opt for different hostings. Most of the times, They sticks with one single program for more time. And later decides to upgrade their plans.

Even if you are affiliate marketer then this is best opportunity for you Right? Since some expensive subscription plans would generate tons of commissions for you as affiliate marketer Right? But that’s not the case since you get same amount of income with any kind of subscription plannings. 

It would be better to join affiliate hosting program if you have good amount of audience with you which can possibly purchase $100+ plan rather then shared hosting plan. otherwise, Bluehost platform gives the opportunity to its users to earn good income through every sales they generate. 

BlueHost affiliate program (Plans)

It often has around 6 kinds of hosting, BlueHost often allows its reader for choosing the plan as per their requirements. Go through the prices for their cheapest starter and renewal plans: 

  • Shared Hosting: $2.95 on monthly basis, renews at $8.99 on monthly basis
  • WooCommerce hosting: $15.95 on a monthly basis, renews at $24.95 on a monthly basis
  • VPS hosting: $18.99 on a monthly basis, renews at $29.99 on a monthly basis
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: $9.95 on a monthly basis, renews at $29.99 on a monthly basis.
  • Dedicated hosting: $79.99 on a monthly basis, renews at $119.99 on a monthly basis.

For all its new clients, Bluehost platform gives the opportunity of 30 days money-back guarantee as well as some discount offers as well. Bluehost’s promotional plans costs could save your audience around 64% on monthly basis.

Why did i choose BlueHost affiliate Program

It’s popular web hosting service internationally. More than 2 million of sites uses this program. WordPress always suggest this platform to its customers. Also, This affiliate marketing program is effective for anybody to start and get commissions.

Now i will be going to provide my honest opinion regarding what i think about such platform

The program is best for newbies

 The best thing regarding this platform is that anyone can get started and generate income through its affiliate marketing referral links, Since this platform is not concerned about how much audience you have or how much your business is about as compared to other affiliate marketing programs. 

Provides wide range of hosting services

Another cause of promoting such amazing platform is because it offers various kinds of hosting services at affordable rates. Some of its services are latest cPanel, Top-notch after-services, as well as complete details of analytics tools. Thats why its amazing hosting platform i believe. 

There are no kind of Financial drawbacks in Bluehosting

As required by such platform, You are not obliged to pay them the money in order to start you affiliate marketing journey. It just includes less amount of investment such as the money you will spend on hosting, Buying domain name and therefore investing your times to write products articles for promoting that’s it. 

Whereas if you will follow my strategies then it will help you so much and you will not need to get worry about paying any money whether its with domain or whether its with the hosting things. Still with free method, You can easily promote such amazing platform with the audience.

Substantial Affiliate commissions

So the thing is Bluehost will provide substantial commissions to its customers as you will be getting from $65 up-to $130 on each kind of sales you make through Bluehost platform. Which is huge number if you get more than 10 sales and you can earn up-to $1000 dollars as well within a month. I have mentioned all the relevant strategies which are needed to earn successfully through Bluehost program.

How to get paid through Bluehost affiliate program without having any kind of Domain

So most of the peoples out there has specific content with them in their websites and they promote those contents as a value with their customers, Once they have the content and customers they start promoting affiliate links with them.

Right? But you don’t have to get worried since you dont require website, Simply write a piece of content which is valuable and post on your medium by signing up with your account in medium. Now you guys would definitely ask me that we have made content so where the traffic will come from? Quora is the answer. Now let me explain in details.

Give valuable content in Medium

Medium has given the opportunity to its clients for pasting their affiliate links in their articles or blogs. Which is often a great news. Right? Whereas i would never encourage you to paste so much of affiliate links. As whatever you will post, peoples all around the world will see it. 

Thats why its best to always give value to people who read your stuffs and don’t get aggressive to much. Bluehost is simply an amazing tool for you to start your journey as an affiliate marketer, whereas for posting your specific content, Medium is recommended. 

So start making content regarding Bluehost. Don’t go for simple headlines that just provides the reviews of this platform as its all where and that out of fashion. Instead provide something that is valuable. For instance, make;

  • Tutorials on setting up your readers’ sites with bluehost
  • Comparison posts such as Bluehost vs Hostinger
  • How-to articles based on bluehost.

I think you have understood what i am trying to convey to you now. Also try to find as much keywords as possible related to Bluehost and then make better content for it. Adding to that, You should always try to come with better attention-grabbing headlines.

Make you content Valuable

Try to do work which is true and that you have tested and then give your genuine opinions, Don’t just write any sort of things and start promoting for getting paid. Give something valuable to your customers and let them trust you as well. Simply you can include one or two links in your articles don’t overdo it for the purpose to get money, Otherwise you might lose the interest of your customers.

Make attention-grabbing best headlines

In medium, You can use pretty clear and understandable titles for your posts regarding what you are writing, You article main title should be clear and straight to the point so that customers don’t get confused by reading it.

Secondly your content related with affiliate products should be small and clear to the point. Make sure to include subheadings and numbers for making your post looks professional. Medium will help you to get success and if you want to achieve within no time, Then simply take help from Quora platform.

Rewrite content for quora

In order to get traffic from quora is pretty simple and clear which means that whatever content you have published based on Bluehost, That same content you can make into short content and rewrite that particular content and make small article on post in Quora’s space but make sure to keep one thing in your mind that you don’t have to post affiliate links on Quora space.

Otherwise you will get banned permanently because Quora does not allows anyone to do spamming. Also try to answer latest questions regarding Bluehost. As you will do it in consistent manner, You will gradually get success also.

Few suggestions from My side in order to get audience from Quora platform

  • Make various kinds of content which just not has information, But also includes some videos and pictures.
  • Consistently offer some good value to your audience.
  • Takes inspiration from Good authors.
  • Make your post professionally clean.
  • Make sure to have some research in quora before you decide to post so that you are not repeating things.
  • According to your topics, Answer the questions.
  • Don’t be aggressive and let the audience build naturally.
  • Run Quora Ads for laser targeting your audience seamlessly.

Conclusion: Earning Income through Bluehost affiliate program in medium and quora

This is wonderful platform to start yours journey like the affiliate marketer, All you are required is to sign up and get started for promoting its link to yours website. 

BlueHost Affiliate program

Even if you are not having any website, Simply post your content material on Medium because it allows your articles to get spread across internet and people will see what you are writing. But never get aggressive when you put affiliate links.

Here’s a quick summary of what you should often do:

  • Sign up with Bluehost affiliate program.
  • Make valuable content regarding Bluehost.
  • Make best content and post on Medium.
  • Rewrite Your content material for Quora.
  • Add links Back To your Medium Account.

Then similarly you can earn income through just promoting amazing Blue Hosting platform across the world.

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