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(Blogger) How to make a free Website in (2022)

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There are many peoples nowadays who often finds the difficulties in making their own website. However with some sort of research conducted online, You can have your simple blogger kind of Website and run it within no amount of time. 

So in this article is will often be giving you some tips and tricks regarding how you could also make the free blog in order to earn money and it can be as a blogpost. And you know that’s best since you dont require any sort of money Right?. 

In this post, I will be revealing some techniques through which you can often design yours blog in pro manner and make it look professional and clean. As you make your google account, same like that you can also make a blogspot (Website).

How to create a Free Website with a Blogger

Firstly you have to make your google account in order to make blogspot, Since blogger is controlled by the Google. Now i will often be showing you some kind of steps that you often need in order to create a free blogspotĀ for your business.

Create a Blog with a Blogger (Blogspot.com)

Firstly you are required to make your google account and if you already has google account then visit Blogger.com fill up your information with Google account in order to get all the free tools which google often provides you. 

So After you have logged into the Google’s Blogger Website, This picture above would be shown you as a page. So first step would include is to create a blog with whatever name you often likes and which is according to your niche. But i will often be choosing making money online since that’s my niche.

Install a theme on your free blogger website

After you have followed all the steps mentioned above and made your blog according to your own name, Then simply click on “Theme” section which can be seen on your left side of your Blogger Dashboard. 

Then simply select any templates which are available for you. Although if you will ask me then i don’t like those themes that much. Most probably i selects themes from pro-looking free blogger templates. You can also follow same with me and install those nic pro looking themes for your blog. These are the steps which are needed:

  • Download one of these free Blogger themes
  • Visit Theme section
  • Click on Down arrow to the right of “Customize” Button
  • Choose to go for ‘Restore’

Then simply upload any theme which you have selected for Your own Blog


Then simply according to your style, You can possibly customize your theme through clicking on ‘Customize’ icon. For Instance, i selected the ‘Polar’ Theme. It depends on your topics for choosing the templates.

Change Logo and Favicon on Blogger

Now from before there will be default logo which belongs to blogger. So Now the time comes where you are required to upload yours own logo as well as Favicon for making you bloggers looks professional, In order to achieve this, 

  • Go to ‘Layout’ Section from the Dashboard and then Click on the ‘Change Cover’ Button in the blog Dashboard left sidebar
  • Select the blog cover from Blogger templates that
  • Upload Logo in the ‘Cover image’ Section.

In order to upload your Favicon, 

  • from the left bar, Go to ‘settings’.
  • Scroll down a bit and then select ‘Favicon’
  • Choose a file and ‘Save’ your Favicon

For designing your logo and Favicon, Canva is simply the solution

  • Know about the size of Logo which is already there im template
  • Visit to Canva Site
  • Then simply click on ‘Create a design’ and then select the custom size.

Even Though you are not a professional designer, Still you are able to design images, logo, templates, Favicon and many more things using the help of Canva features that it provides to its users for free. Then simply you can often start your design your logos and Favicon without any sort of costs from Canva platform. 

Add some information such as Articles or Images on your Blog page

Now you have made free website with the help of blogspot so now the main thing you need to do is give value to customers through providing unique ideas and concepts in your articles by simply adding posts in it. So you are required to add some kind of posts and amazing pictures in your blog so that it looks somehow attractive. 

And now you will Ask that from where we can get amazing pictures so of course as usual my recommendation for you people would often be Canva. Since it has both free and paid plans but you don’t need to go with paid plans until and unless you cannot see earnings coming in your pocket and also added to that Canva free plans has so many features to offer us.

Here’s how you could often add featured pictures in your blog articles.

  • Go to the ‘Post’ Section in the left column of your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Add new’. And it would looks like this:

So basically you are required to select images which are relevant with your blog posts, Or simply you could just use Canva in order to get best kind of pictures without any sort of cost. Then in Canva you can often select any sort of size of pictures that are adjusted according to your post Thumbnail through going to ‘settings’ and then ‘post settings’.

Make menu in your Blog

Now if you see any sort of famous Websites in Google, You will come across this thing that the particular website is often having menu in it, So similarly you are also required to add some kind of layout menu in your blog so that it looks a bit professional and your customers could have faith in you that your work is awesome.

Now you need to select ‘layout’ section, which you can see left side. After clicking ‘Layout’ section, you need to select option ‘Add a gadget’. Then just scroll down till you see this section:


select menu and drag it. Make some changes and then your work is ready. That is needed to make the menu in Blogspot without any money.

Adding some social media links in your Blog website

So as you have made a free blog using Blogger.com, Yours next step would include is to share some social media sharing icons. It will give a proof of your social media presence and therefore make others to rely more on your Blog site. By this you would also start seeing more traffic in social media platforms. Now let’s discover some steps in adding social media links or buttons to your blog site.

  • Select the option of left known as ‘Layout’ then select ‘Add a Gadget’ option on the left side bar.
  • scroll down all the way and then select HTML/JAVASCRIPT
  • Then simply add up your social media links

In order to design Your social media icons without any cost, You can take assistance from Canva platform. Either you could simply install some Copyright-free icons also. 

Make essential pages in your Blog (Privacy policy & Terms of use)

After completely designing up your website, Now the time has come where you will be mentioning some of the important piece of information related with you, which is your business privacy policy as well as terms and conditions of use. 

Nowadays as both of these disclaimers are essential in all kinds of Business since audience wanted to know before going a website. These pages are important for managing up with issues which arise legally. And also helps you to grow your website on search engines in Google. According to your own selves, You can fill these pages, However it would consume so much time as well as knowledge. 

Create About us and Contact Page in Your Blog

After you add essential pages in your blog’s website. Now you need to add information about you and your business. Now i will be showing you how to add a page in your blog.

  • In blogger left side, Go to ‘pages’
  • Then simply click on ‘new page’
  • Enter the page title (like about us)
  • Fill up required data
  • click save, Preview page, or publish in the top right of the dashboard.

In the similar method, You could make the Contact page. However, You need to add ‘Contact’ widget by widget library of blogger

In you Blog Website Add A custom Domain

You might not be happy with domain like Blogspot.com. And you might want to change yours domain name. Then simply follow up with my steps mentioned below.

  • Visit to ‘settings’ icon
  • Click on ‘Custom domain’
  • Add your custom domain and simply click on the ‘save’ option.

However, if you don’t have a domain name. Then you need to buy one from namecheap. And that is not costly like in under $10 or $15 you can get a cheap domain name. Change DNS settings as mentioned already through the blogger at the time of adding your custom domain name.

 Making money through adding affiliate banner ads

So far, you have created a free website like Blog. And now you want to make some money out of it right? Idea is to post content in it and fill it up with your affiliate banner ads. The steps includes for that are: 

  • Visit any affiliate platform of your particular choice
  • Copy any affiliate banner code according to your niche or which you want to promote
  • Log in into your Blogger account 
  • Add a widget any place where you often wants the banner to appear
  • Post the code of your banner

That’s it, Affiliate banner is there in your free website. And now thats it you just have to focus on getting traffic to yours website. So that you can see earnings coming in yours website.

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