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Best youtube keyword research tool (Both Free and Paid)

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This article is related with best youtube keyword research tool. Do you want to grow effectively on youtube by starting out your own channel?. so first and foremost, you need to grab some best topics for your youtube channel. for getting more reviews and likes, and even some subscribers.

In this post, i will be providing you a list of some best youtube Keyword research tool. which can often help you to grow your youtube business online effectively. Some of them are free tools and some are paid.  it is often considered that Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine globally after google. 

Around the world, Youtube platform has more than 2 billion of logged in peoples every month. And if you think that, you should start your journey as a youtuber, Then you should highly focus on Youtube on a regular basis.

However, official Youtube research tool is often not available which is like a drawback. But the positive point here to discuss is, that many other best youtube keyword research tool are available online on net. through which you can take advantage and create good content in your Youtube Channel successfully.  

TubeBuddy-Youtube keyword research tool in the year of 2021

This is basically a browser extension which assists you to find some keywords for your Youtube Channel. so that you can create effective content and this browser extension usually charges from their users between $7.7 upto $40 per month. which also depends upon what you need basically from this service.

best youtube keyword research tool

So basically, it’s a complete package for all your Youtube channel needs and wants. Which can go from enhancing your productiveness to giving benefit to your information and research. You can do it all, this feature basically has 5 main categories which are often provided below: 

Productivity: This Feature basically assist your work under advanced Video Embedding. It also personalize your repeated messages, as well as format commenting on your channel. it also helps the user to post their scheduled videos, and helps in generating unique thumbnails to catch peoples eyes and do more than that. 

Bulk process: This feature basically helps you in bulk, through deleting, editing as well as copying screens and cards for your Youtube videos. Automates all the procedure gets seamless without a doubt. 

Promotion: this feature enables the users to know the right information regarding when they should be often uploading their videos on youtube channel in order to reach peoples and therefore get more views. 

Added to that, if you are running a contest then this particular feature will often enable you to choose a winner randomly by its own. It also gives you opportunity to promote similar kind of videos to various social media platforms like instagram or Tiktok. 

Data and research: This particular feature gives the opportunity to its user through letting them know the activities which are related with their brand and products, Also it helps youtubers in backing up their channel as well as this enables users to know about their growth through providing them insights. The user can also grant their team members access to their TubeBuddy account. 

Video SEO: Basically this feature often do all the things for which you are here. it auto translates your titles as well as the description, figure out where your rank is in Youtube Community, And also performs testing of A/B in Videos. Also, TubeBuddy tool helps you by providing some recommendations for making best videos.

 TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer (youtube keyword research tool)

This tool is effective for you, Because it allows users to obtain maximum information. Regarding various keywords for different topic suggestions. As a outcome, it enables the user to get higher rank in search results and therefore get more view. 

best youtube keyword research tool

Best thing regarding this tool is it helps the users by trending tags. So users videos can go in trending videos and get more views.

Conclusion: In my Conclusion, I recommend this Keyword tool since it is very effective to drive growth in your Youtube channel effectively. This particular keyword tool often provides its user complete guarantee for growing in such platform without any issues. So grab the opportunity and purchase this paid tool if you are often looking for paid options. 

H-super Tools (Free Youtube Keyword Tool)

H-super tools is considered to be best online Youtube keyword tool. As it’s free of cost to get started with. The owner of this tool is well-known person, who runs Youtube channel and teaches peoples about digital marketing.

Best thing regarding this keyword tool is this is free forever. You just need to enter any topic or keyword of your choice. Then, It will show the lists of keywords to pick, ranging from low to high. Low means that these keywords are less trending and high means its more trending.

For instance, I have entered email marketing into the keyword research tool. 

best youtube keyword research tool

Then, i got this information: 

  • The search volume (408k per month)
  • Difficulty (pretty low 2.32 for ’email marketing’) 
  • Related keywords, including their monthly volume and difficulty 

Best thing about H-Supertools is that in this tool, user can often copy the keywords and export them to CSV. So if you are thinking to make your Youtube Channel, then this is the best tool for you. 

When you start making videos in Youtube, According to search volume and ranking difficulty. Then your videos can always gain more views, because you will know that which topics are best for you.

Conclusion: Best tool that has all the services which paid tools are having and most importantly it is often free to use. 

Morning Fame – Youtube Keyword Research Tool 

It is a paid service which can also be afforded to start your journey. Price begins with $4.90 per month. Added to that, This particular tool often offers you rich channel analytics as well as the keyword research tool. It is a paid service which can also be afforded to start your journey. Price begins wit $4.90 per month.

This keyword tool will offer many features to grow your Youtube channel. Now let’s discover more:

Choose a Video Topic: For helping you to come up with Keywords according to your topics and videos.

Choose a Target Search Term: get common sort of keywords related to your niche or topics. 

Search and evaluate your target Keyword: Know the ranking opportunity

Optimize your metadata: Make your content relevant to keywords as much as possible.

best youtube keyword research tool

Conclusion: Jump on H-Super tools YT keyword tool, Enter it into the Youtube search bar , and go with the auto-suggested keywords. Trying google Trends will also be helpful. Go for Morning Fame if you want one tool to do it all. 

KeywordTool.io (keyword research tool)

This keyword tool is linked with freemium business model with many useful keyword tools. This tool is mainly suited for Youtube. When you enter a keyword in the search box, Then you will get similar kinds of keywords. Where, you can get information of their volume, CPC, trend and competition.

For instance, it rolled back 228 unique keywords for ’email marketing’ with this result page: 

Best youtube keyword research tool

The ‘ email marketing tutorial’ result has 2000 monthly search volumes with $21.73 CPC and 27 competition, Which is low according to the tool. You can also use the ‘Negative keywords’ feature, which assists in excluding unnecessary words and phrases from your keyword research. 

For example, if you search keywords related to fruit like apple, its negative words would be ‘ipad, iphone and so on .So basically this particular kind of tool often divides your keywords into the questions, prepositions as well as the hashtags. 

It’s very easy when you want to structure your content. However, to sort the keywords in ascending or descending order is also very easy in this tool.

Conclusion: This tool is valuable and offer so many benefits to its users. However, its bit costly from $69 till $160 per month.

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