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Best link shorteners: You need to Know in 2021

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Best link shorteners

Are you searching for the best link shortners? So basically in this particular Kind of Post all your questions related with Link shorteners will often be covered. And whatever doubts you are having related with Link shorteners, Those particular doubts will also get covered. This Article is related with Best Link Shorteners.

Since shortening the links are very essential nowadays especially for affiliate marketers because long urls and links often sometimes looks as a spam and customers don’t click on them thinking that it would be fraud. 

This Article will often assist You in shortening your links and save several bucks. What you are required to do basically is just visit to Codecanyon and then purchase the premium URL shortener for a one-time fee only. So if you are feeling excited to know more lets explore more information then. 

What is a Link Shortener?

Basically it’s like a service that shortens out URL. But what makes a premium link shortener? Basically it takes long link and you can then customize that link according to your style and shorten it as much as you want. 

Added to that, it also has a meaning that you can alter these particular links and make them entirely customized with your style. Now let’s go into debt to know some information regarding URL shortener and what advantages it can often offer to your website and online business. 

Why should you use URL shortener?

So basically in this particular Kind of section, I will be explaining you regarding the benefits that a person can obtain through shortening the links and what it can do for your business.


Most importantly advantages that a person can obtain by using the URL shortner is that he or she will be able to access and analyze what is often happening when he or she shares any particular link. 

Basically it tells us about how is visiting our website by clicking on links, from what countries most of the audience are coming and what are their genders. Added to that, You can figure out that which of your social platforms are bringing the most audience.

Keeps your links clean and professional: 

Since the trend for longer links have been old in today’s 2021 time, So That’s it gets clunky and boring to see long links again and again and that’s the reason why peoples skip longer links and instead prefer to click on short links, Simply it looks clean and professional. This is Common nowadays and if your particular Links are not short then it can be noticed instantly and you might lose in affiliate marketing Race. 

Makes your brand Name popular

It is often considered that short custom links can make your brand seamlessly more attractive towards your audience. As well as new customers and existing customers can share and know about your links easily simply they are short and easy to understand. That is the reason due to which Amazon has also shortened its link to make it visible for its customers.

Best link shorteners

Now we can see clearly that world’s famous website which is Amazon has also shortened its link to Amzn. which is branded link shortener made through Amazon basically for promoting its website in effective manner.

Brings more Audience To your Website

It is often considered that shorter URLS are more engaging especially when you are having a brand with it. According to data and figures recorder by rebrandly, It says that short links increase customers engagement with over 39%. Advantages of using URL shortener is that its very easy for promoting your goods and services you offer with blog posts. And you can often do this without the need to change your URL that you often share. 

Make your URLs short often assists you in driving out audience back to your website with some aspects such as; Badges, Channels, Cross-promotion and analysis of click timings. Shortening out your links benefits your website by attracting huge number of audience in effective manner. 

As well as you will never have to be worried regarding changing your links among other networks. Now i will be providing information with you regarding effective Link shortener for avoiding out major expenses that you spend on a monthly basis for these shortening services. 

Affordable Best Link shorteners for saving Money

As we know that there are so many services provided for shortening the URL in today’s time. And if we choose option for free URL shortener services then we cannot get complete benefits out of free services simply it would not be having all the services to offer as paid services offers us. Some of link shorteners which are available are:  

Best link shorteners
  • Bitly (Minimum $29 per month for upto 1500 links)
  • TinyURL (Minimum $10 per month for upto 500 links)
  • Rebrandly (Minimum $29 per month for upto 5000 links)
  • Sniply (Minimum $29 per month for upto 5000 clicks)
  • Owly (Needs a hootsuite plan which is often starting from $19 on a monthly basis)

Now i will often be revealing my favourite Link shortener To you.

Link.me- Premium Link shortener (Charges only $5 on a monthly basis with Unlimited clicks)

With the help of this Link shortener, you can easily shorten your links and make them look clean and attractive for your clients. It has many benefits for you that often includes devices like targeting, Splash pages and link rotation. Simply visit https://l-ink.me and sign up for free.

Simply confirm your email address now

Now simply discover L-ink.me dashboard whic is providing lots of components to you. You can make use of splash and overlay pages. 

Track out your links with the help of pixels. Then connect your domain for custom links. And then manage your links in ‘Archive’ and ‘Expired’ Links.

Best link shorteners

Now basically fill out this section by entering your longer url before the ‘shorten’ button. Then you can shorten your links quickly.

Branded Links (Best Link shorteners)

You can also share the branded links in the place of shortened links. For instance, I have selected “h-y,me” for being my branded domain. And after a slash, i enter my affiliate’s name for increasing brand awareness. 

what basically you require is simply click on ‘Custom Domain’ on the left bar of the L.ink.Me dashboard. And then add your domain here. 

So for that, Simply visit you domain register and paste your IP address (Given in the L-Ink.Me dashboard) in the DNS records. 

Best link shorteners

Go back to your L-ink.me dashboard, enter the custom domain name and click on add domain. That’s it your custom domain is added for creating branded urls. 

Create one universal affiliate link

Now there is another service that just charges $ 6 from you on a monthly basis and its name is ‘Link Bundle’. Its basically similar with Linktree that often provides only one link for sharing all your urls. 

Here’s how you create a link bundle. Choose ‘Bundle’ from the dashboard. And click on ‘Create Bundle’ now.

Go back to your main dashboard and add links to the bundle you just created. And then you can use the bundle link to share all your links. 

Create splash pages 

Create your splash pages within the L-ink.Me dashboard. Splash pages are pages that appear before any page on your website.

Depending on the niche your business operates in, a splash page can incorporate promotions, disclaimers or warnings.

L-ink.Me also offers tracking pixels, which means you can retarget your audience on other I believe L-ink.Me is the most premium link shortener because of so many useful features. 

Don’t believe my words because I own it. Try comparing all the best options for shortening your links.. Watch my video to better understand how ads retargeting works on Facebook. 

My final Conclusion regarding (Best Link Shorteners)

So basically making your Links shorter can sometimes be very important for your brand image and also for you to promote any particular kind of product or service, Simply because it makes your work looks more neat and professional. 

And you never requires to change all the links shared across the web and social media. Since best link shortener can do all these work for you. My recommendations would be to use L-ink,me since it offers so many benefits with affordable price. Or you could just purchase premium URL shortener on Codecanyon, then simply install that on your server and use your link shortening system.

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