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Best Email Verification tools: Everything you need to know

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Email Verification is the process to check out if a particular kind of email address is correct or wrong, Also it ensures that this particular email belongs to the owner so that spam rates can be reduced. Generally, the reason of validating emails is straight and clear to the point, which means that it’s the procedure for making sure, that which email you are sending is being received by right person who is the owner and not to someone else. 

Email Verification tool usually assists the users for verifying the list of email addresses through checking if the email exists or not. This is not considered to be as catchall, added to that, It has mx servers which are configured. 

Email verification tool helps its users to remove any kind of hard bounces and significantly decreases the spam activities. And get rid of peoples who are not being active. Now i am going to provide top best email verification tools with their popular features and website links.

best Email Verification tools

1) Hunter: Hunter.io is considered to be email verification software which often assist its users in getting out email addresses through the website, where they are browsing. Also, It assist its users to verify all the emails that they have often collected for their companies, customers etc.

Best email verification toos

Features of Hunter.io

  • It will assist you in verifying out professional email addresses, where everything related with email will often be checked.
  • it helps you to find the email ids behind any sites.
  • Hunter.io offers Zapier Integration for fast synchronization.
  • Hunter.io is often considered to be the most effective verification tool, which can offer verified email address for good score. 

Cost of purchasing Hunter.io: 

Hunter.io often has 5 kinds of plans: 

  • Free plan.
  • Starter plan which cost around ($49) on a monthly basis.
  • Growth Plan which cost around ($99) on a monthly basis.
  • Pro plan which cost around ($199) on a monthly basis.
  • Enterprise plan which cost around ($399) on a monthly basis.

Integration: Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and Zapier

Supported platforms: Windows and Mac


 Zerobounce is bulk email validation tool which assist its users in detecting over 30 different kinds of risky emails. Zero Bounce makes use of the Military-grade data encryption for protecting your files in times of email verification procedures. 

Best email verification tools

Features of Zero Bounce:

  • Able to recognize faulty things in your email lists.
  • Disposable Email Check.
  • You can often connect the email verification API for checking email addresses in real-time.
  • Zero Bounce identifies out the emails with free domains and also if its toxic or if it is invalid email.
  • provides aspects for the MX record detection.

Cost of Purchasing Zero Bounce includes:

1) For around 100 email it’s free of cost

2) For around 2000 emails ($0.008 USD is the cost)

3) for around 5000 emails ($0.00078 USD cost)

Integration: Asana, Aweber, Clickfunnels, Facebook, GetResponse, Gmail, Hubspot, CRM and so on. 
Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac.

Mail Floss

Mail Floss is simple email verification software, that enables its users to integrate with various kinds of email marketing service providers. Added to that, It assist you in verifying your email list in bulk.

Best email verification tools

Features of Mail Floss:

  • With the help of Mail Floss, a user can be able to figure out email addresses which are not valid. Added to that, those kinds of emails, which are not permanent, Duplicate emails, and any activities that causes spamming.
  • It makes sure to eradicate those kinds of email addresses, which are causing hard bouncing, And it validates the syntax errors.
  • Mail floss enables its users in taking care of email list and also cleans out the email list by itself.
  • After you get connected with Mail Floss, then it will automatically make sure to keep your emails list clean and spam free.
  • Mail floss enables the users for connecting with an extensive list of email marketing services.

Cost of purchase involved are:

 Basically Mail Floss often has 3 price plans for its users, which are as follows;
1) Launch lite which cost around ($17 on monthly basis)

2) Launch Business that cost around ($49 on a monthly basis).

3) Launch pro which cost around ($200 on a monthly basis).

Integration: MailChimp, HubSpot, AWeber, ConvertKit, Mailer lite, Icontact and so on.

Supported platforms: Windows, IOS, and Android. 

Mail Tester

Its an email verification tool which enables its users in removing out spammy activities, Disposable or catch-all email addresses, hard bounces as well as any sort of email which is not valid. Added to that, It often assist you in protecting up your domain reputation score.

best email verification tools

Features of Mail tester are as follows;

  • It’s considered to be the bulk email verifier algorithm that eradicates those kinds of email addresses which threatens the business reputation.
  • Enables you in protecting up your domain reputation score.
  • It assists you for finding out any emails which are not good.
  • It provides integration with Mailchimp, Gist, AWeber, SparkPost, Mailgun and so on.

Cost of purchase are:

 1) up-to 3000 emails for just around $19 on a monthly basis.

2) up-to 30,000 emails for around $39 on a monthly basis.

3) up-to 150,000 emails for around $79 on a monthly basis.

4) up-to 300,000 emails for around $139 on a monthly basis.

Integration: MailChimp, Viber, Gist, AWeber Spark and so on. 

Platforms: Windows and Mac OS.


Snov.io is often considered to be effective email verification tool. Its quick, and can be afforded in a budget email validation and verification software, which is in part of an all-in-one cold outreach automation platform. 

best email verification tools

Features of Snov.Io are as follows;

  • Snov io provides API services which assist you in integrating email search into your app and CRM.
  • It’s often having the capability for finding important information, regarding profile such as name, social profile, location as well as the information.
  • This email verifier software often enables you for exporting prospect lists in CSV, XLSX as well as google sheets formats.

Cost of purchase involved are as follows: 
Pricing plans are total 6:

1) up-to 50 credits on a monthly basis with a freemium plan.

2) up-to 1000 credits on a monthly basis for around $33.

3) up-to 5000 credits on a monthly basis for around $66.

4) up-to 20,000 credits on a monthly basis for around $141.

5) up-to 50,000 credits on a monthly basis for around $241

6) up-to 100,000 credits on a monthly basis for around $482.

Integrations: HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Asana and so on. 

Platform: Web App and Chrome Extension.


FindThatLead is considered to be email searching tool which often enables the users in managing the email list easily. It’s considered to be most effective software which assist you with domain search, as well as helps you to find out new prospects for your company.

Features of FindThatLead are:

  • It assist you to search for new kinds of general leads. 
  • it enables its users for building up the targeted email campaign with verified emails and send updated things to their leads. 
  • provides some services for leveraging social media profiles.
  • It allows you for finding out prospects which you require for best accuracy levels.

Cost of purchasing are as follows:
It includes 3 kinds of cost plannings.
1) Growth-$49 for 5000 monthly credits.

2) Startup-$150 for 18000 monthly credits

3) Suite-$399 for 30000 monthly credits.
Integrations: Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, and HubSpot.

Platforms: Chrome Extension and Web App. 


Formget is considered to be as the email list cleaning as well as verifying service. It enables and assist you for removing any kind of emails that are not good with invalid syntax. You can also access MX records for valid emails. 

best email verification tools

Features of Formget are:

  • Enables you for checking the mail server connections for validating email addresses.
  • It assist in removing and filtering greylisted email addresses.
  • It allows you for removing and filtering all roles-based emails.
  • You can often remove those emails which are copy of other emails.
  • Eliminates hard bounces for around 99%.

Cost of purchasing are as follows:
It often involves 4 kinds of price plannings:

  • 1 Staters plan for verifying up-to 1000 emails for just around $4
  • 2) Rookie plan for verifying 5000 emails for around $12.
  • 3) Pro plan for verifying 10,000 emails for around $20.
  • 4) Advance plan provides up-to 15000 emails verification for around $35.

Integration: MailChimp, JotForm, TypeForm, Formstack and so on. Platforms: WEB app, Windows, and Mac.

Email List

Email List is email verifier software which enables you for eliminating any spammy activities, hard bounces, disposable and catch-all emails without breaking your budget. It enhances the deliverability of your email campaigns. 

Best email verification tools

Features includes are:

  • Enhance your email’s sender status, deliverability, as well as conversion rates through sending emails to only real persons.
  • Its one of the most effective email verifier software which enables you to stop paying extra on emails which are invalid and having errors.
  • It often allows you for improving your reputation level.

Cost of purchasing are as follows: It often has in total 6 pricing plans:

1) up-to 5000 emails each day which cost around $139 on a monthly basis.2) Up-to 15000 emails each day which cost around $289 on a monthly basis.3) Up-to 35,000 emails each day which cost just $389 on a monthly basis.4) Up-to 50,000 emails each day which cost around $589 on a monthly basis.5) Up-to 75000 emails each month for around $589 on a monthly basis 6) Up-to 100,000 emails per month for around $989 on per month. 

Integration: MailChimp, Aweber, MailerLite, SparkPost, MaliGun, HubSpot and so on. Platforms: Cloud, Saas and web-based.


Its very simple email verification tool which offers several integrations with so many tools. Debounce can easily connect, Validates as well as updates the email lists from integrated applications such as Mailchimp, SendinBlue and so on.

best email verification tools

Features of Debounce are: 

  • It often enables its users for uploading and verifying at same time the email addresses quickly as well as in safe manner. 
  • It’s very effective software which enables you for identifying out catch-all domains.
  • It eradicates those emails which are not valid and also it removes hard bounce emails from the list.
  • Its API enables you for verifying out email addresses quickly on yours platform.
  • For your marketing campaigns, It offers you a clear email list which is neat and effective to use.

Cost of purchasing as follows are:

It often includes around 3 pricing plans such as:

  • 1) Up-to 5000 verifications for around $10.
  • 2) Up-to 10,000 verifications for around $15.
  • 3) Up-to 25,000 verifications for around $30.
  • 4) Up-to 50,000 verifications for around $50 each month, as well as more plans with great number of verifications. 

Integration: HubSpot, MailChimp, Mailjet, SendinBlue, Unbounce, Moosend and so on. Supported platform: Web.


Its an online email verifier tool. Basically its well-known free bulk email verifier software that assist its users in removing any junk emails for reaching more peoples. It performs syntax verification, checks out domains as well as checks any temporary unavailability detection.

best email verification tools

Features includes are: 

  • It’s very effective email verifier which often enables you in reducing out email deliverability issues.
  • You can often quickly validates yours email list before reaching your prospects with quicker and easy to integrate APIs.
  • It often offers a complete response from SMTP server with exact cause for the rejection as well as diagnostic details.
  • Makes sure that process is quick with great volume of email lists within no time.
  • You can upload your email lists with the help of Drag-and-drop editor or you can just import them instantly from your marketing platform.

Cost of purchasing includes are as follows: 

It often includes Up-to 6 pricing plans which are: 1) Up-to 500 credits costing $1.44.2) Up-to 1000 credits costing $2.883) Up-to 2000 credits costing $5.044) Up-to 5000 credits costing $12.65) Up-to 10,000 credits costing $21.6
Integration: Mailchimp, GetResponse, AWeber, ConstantContact, SendGrid and so on. Platforms: Web.


It’s often considered to be as free bulk email verifier as well as email validation software. More than 125,000 or peoples use it internationally. This software provides the users with bulk email list cleaning, real-time email verifications, as well as automated list cleaning for verifying as well as cleaning emails perfectly.

best email verification tools


  • It’s considered to be effective email verifier software that allows users to connect their email provider for automated list cleaning for ensuring proper and updated information.
  • At the entry level, You can easily do verification of your clients mails.
  • Enables you to verify yours leadpages and in the places where emails are gathered.

Cost of purchasing are as follows: 

It often includes up-to 4 kinds of pricing plans.

1) Around 1000 emails costing $10 each month 2) Around 10,000 emails costing $49 each month 3) Around 50,000 emails costing $99 each month 4) Around 100,000 emails costing $159 each month
Integration: Act-on, Active Campaign, Agile CRM, Autopilot, AWeber, Clock Funnels, Curated, Mailchimp, MailerLite and so on. 
Platforms: Web


Clearout is effective and free bulk email verification software which makes sure to give accurate results. It also provides real-time email verification service. Clearout also assists you in identifying out catch-all type addresses for avoiding emailing to enhance email delivery rates.

best email verification tools


  • It often enables you for measuring out the time of response for each emails.
  • It’s very effective email verifier software which often provides greatest industry mail performance ratios for Yahoo and AOL with around 96% of accurate results.
  • It go through all sorts of mailbox errors before sending any payload to the provided email address.
  • Eradicates any duplicate email address in automatic manner and its cost free.

Cost of purchasing are as follows:

It often includes 5 different kinds of pricing plans for its users which are as follows:
1) Up-to 5000 credits for around $31.5 each month.2) Up-to 10,000 credits for around $52.2 each month.3) Up-to 50,000 credits for around $261 each month.4) Up-to 100,000 credits for around $315 each month.5) Up-to 250,000 credits around $562.5 each month
Integration: Mailchimp, Hubspot, MailerLite, Moosend, Zapier and so on. Platforms: Web.

Integration: Mailchimp, HubSpot, MailerLite, Moosend, Zapier, etc.

Platforms: Web.


Sendgrid is an email verifier software which offers workflows as well as automation facilities for sending transactional emails. You can send automated emails by just using a simple trigger. It’s considered to be effective email verifier software for creating emails by use of HTML and drag-and-drop editing facilities. 

best email verification tools

You can handle out schedules, recipients, testing, and content basically everything by single source. 

  • It enables you in improving deliverable results through validating email addresses before you plan to send those emails.  
  • It often offers real-time email address validation API. 
  • Its most effective email validation tool which assist you for connecting real-time APIs for email list cleaning.
  • It allows you for collaborating with your participants easily.
  • It allows you for identifying mistyped, Inactive, Non-existent, disposable or shared emails.

Cost of purchasing involves are as follows:

It often includes 4 kinds of pricing plans for its purchase. 1) The first one is free plan which doesn’t cost a money. 2) Essentials plan which gets started with $14.95 on a monthly basis. 3) Pro planning which starts with $89.95 on a monthly basis. 4) Premier plan with custom pricing. 

Integration: AWS.Platforms: Windows and MacOS.


Mailgun is considered to be as international service provider which allows its users in verifying, validating as well as tracking any sort of transactional and marketing emails through using SMTP, API and so on. Added to it, It enables its users for creating responsive emails through use of email builders.

best email verification tools


  • User can do integration with any sort of server configuration without any difficulty.
  • User can Figure out email records with real time.
  • Provides quickest validations within the business.
  • Secures yours website or business from potential dangers without making the process slow.
  • Real-time email validation API.
  • MailGun software service offers insights data for monitoring yours email campaign outcomes as well as optimizing the performances.

Cost of purchasing are as follows: Free access: Pricing plans includes:
1) Foundation plan for around $35 on a monthly basis. 2) Growth Plan for around $80 on a monthly basis. 3) Scale plan for around $90 on a monthly basis.
Integration: Omnisend, Ongage, Customer.io, Infobip, Blueshift and so on.

How you can verify the Email?

In this instance, I will often be showing that how to verify an email using email validation software:Step1) The first step will be to sign in by filling the details in Mailtester.comAfter you logged in with Mailtester.com, You will be seeing the choice where you can enter email details with 3 given choices. The first choice provided to you will be Deliverable, second choice would be given as Invalid and lastly Risky will be given you as the choice.

best email verification tools

Step:2) Provide your email details for verifying it. 

best email verification tools

step 3) With this situation, The email id that we have provided for this instance is secure and safe to use. Thereby, We have received a notification saying that our email address is secure and therefore its also deliverable. 

best email verification tools

step 4) In second example, We have provided information regarding different email address and clicked on check button for verification process.

best email verification tools

In step 5) In this situation, results are showing that this particular email address is not valid.

best email verification tools

In step 6) In this situation, We will often be using another email address.

Best email verification tools

step 7) Results of this example says that this email address is considered to be risky and we should not send any kind of message in this email id.

best email verification tools

Some common questions and answers related with Best email verification tools

What are the most effective email verifire tools ?

Some best email verifier tools are:

  • Hunter
  • Zerobounce
  • Mail Floss
  • MailTester
  • Snov
  • FindThatLead.

How do Email verifier functions?

The Email verifier software often makes use of easy-to-use as well as sophisticated email verifier procedure for checking with Syntax regularity. But, The standard email verifier system is far more than JavaScript. Email validation tool uses Artificial intelligence as well as Multi-layer Testing for identifying out errors in email within real-time. 

There are so many Email verifier softwares which uses information to predict the likeness of an email being a hard bounce. Any kind of Email which goes through this procedure is often termed through a scoring procedure and with 30 various diagnostic codes. But the best email verification tools which i have provides stands on great place due to their amazing features and pricing plans.

What would happen if you wanted to send more emails than your monthly payments? 

 There are some kinds of email validation software which gives you the option to pay at the end of month with limited numbers of emails to send. And some kinds of email validation softwares that offers a subscription plans in which you can send emails as much as you want. Which means, If you have paid around $45 for 100 emails and you exceed more than 100 emails than extra money will be charged from you by email validation services.

How bounce rates can be reduced through best email Verification tools?

So basically the email validation softwares usually keeps those kinds of email addresses in the list which are active, valid and safe to use. And also makes sure to remove those kinds of email addresses which causes spammy activities or which might be risky, or just not active by users. So in this way only active and valid types of email addresses are being used.

Some of the possible measures taken by Best Email Verification tools for reducing bounce rates are as follows:

  1. Email address and syntax checks
  2. Checks for spam traps
  3. Disposable Email Address check
  4. Role-Based Account Check
  5. Black Hole (RBL) to the blocklist
  6. Domain/MX Records Check
  7. Final verifications.

Why should we use Email Lookup tools?

We basically use email lookup tools so that we can get information regarding Lead’s email address and their authentic information only which often includes their names, Company’s name, Links of social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram. And so on.

What are some of the common aspects related to Best email verification tools?

Now I am going to list down some of the general email verification software features which are as follows:

The levels of perfectionism is Email validation: It depends from software to software, Some email validation are different from others which often means that they makes use of various other kinds of techniques and methods to verify out an email address. Some kinds of Email verifier software uses contacts which are accessible publicly to yours email list and some runs email server tests.

  1. Verify several Emails AlTogether: These kinds of email validation softwares often performs several checks and makes sure to eradicate several emails which are not somehow valid to use.
  2. Enhances delivery rates: These kinds of email validation tools often validates email addresses for improving delivery rates, open rates as well as feedback rates. 
  3. Figures out spam: You can validate email addresses which is present for the reason of figuring out spammy activities during the process.
  4. Collaboration:It assist the users for collaborating with their participants or members of the team with ease.
  5. Integration: It enables you for connecting with broad list of email marketing services.
  6. Domain Validation: Able to recognize any sort of emails which are not active or which have invalid sort of domain names, Then it marks it as spam or abuse emails.

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