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AdSense Tutorial: How to Make Money with Google Adsense

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In this Article, You will know everything related with Google Adsense. And how you can earn from it around $67 each day if you follow all the steps accordingly. At first this Article will be about basic introduction.

In the ending part, I will be discussing Answers related to some frequently asked questions. So that you don’t have confusions. And whatever information you need is available.

Adsense Tutorial: How to make money with Google Ads

For making income with Google Adsense. Your’s First step will be to make website and get approval by Google Adsense. Then you can start to display ads on your site for earnings. However, first jump in to some basic introduction part.

Google Adsense: Things you need to know

In this part, i will be helping you to learn the basics first related with Google Ads. You will know regarding what is Adsense, How it functions, and so on.

So what is exactly Google Adsense

It is platform which runs through Google by which you as content writer can earn income through displaying ads. The ads can vary from text, pictures, Videos and so on. Mostly advertisement depends upon the content.

It has got many advantages of using for yours website. For instance, You are not limited to make money which means you can earn as much work you do as possible. It also do not involve any kind of good for people to sell. And you don’t even want to have any difficult process for getting started with this.

The great benefit of Ads is that you can control your Ads on various websites. And you don’t often need any money for getting in the program. So if you want to generate income for your website, then best option is Google Adsense.

Google Ads Metrics: What are the KPIs

However, through which method you will figure out yours success? Yest, you understood. You can often use most essential Adsense metrics or KPIs, You can figure out the achievements. Metrics is known as values that you measures. Knowing metrics will assist you properly and helps you to earn income possibly.

Some of the essential Google Adsense metrics involves:

  • Earnings
  • Ad Views
  • Number of clicks
  • Click Through Ratio (CTR)
  • AdSense revenue per visit
  • AdSense eCPM (Cost Per Mille)

Therefore you can add all of these measures into your Google Analytics for measuring out your achievements in real-time. Firstly, You are required to link your Adsense account with yours Google Analytics account. Here is the giveaway; pick the right AdSense metrics for figuring out yours achievements.

How does Adsense work

The complete method to earn income using Google Ads is very straight and clear.

The entire process of making money with Google Ads is straightforward. It’s a brilliant way for publishers like you to make money using the power of quality content. Advertisers want to display their ads on Google and Google-approved sites. Google displays them and gets a little money in return. And you get your money as a publisher as well. 

And these are the methods about how it will function for you:

  • You create ad spaces in your Articles
  • Advertisers bid to show ads in those ad spaces
  • Which ads get more paid will be shown more frequently
  • Your audience will be interested to see and click on those Advertisements.
  • Then you can get payments from Google Adsense as your rewards.

You can clearly see that how easy You can be paid by Google Ads. Since your audience just have to click on ads and you get payments. Don’t you think that this is easy form of getting money? Comment below this post and let me know what you think. But how much can you really earn from Google Ads?

How much can you earn from Google Adsense?

It usually pays up-to 68% of the income which is gathered through how many clicks happened in your website. The rest of the money is taken by Google itself. This is the main procedure through Which Google earns money. And for your kind information, Google has earned around $146.9 billion in 2020.

Through google search, The website owners earns around 51% of income gathered through percentage of Ad clicks. So how much income you can make through AdSense? The answer is not easy. Why? Since so many factors are there behind earnings:

  • What kind of content you make
  • CPM, CTR and CPC
  • where your audience are located
  • How you place your Advertisements and sizes
  • What’s the topic of your website is about

And so on. But, You can take help form Google’s revenue calculator for estimating around how much your website can make money. According to me, It gives you complete knowledge. According to various aspects, CPM (Cost per 1000 ad impressions) can range from $0.3 to $2.

However if your content has more paying CPC keywords, Then you can even earn around $50 revenue on each clicks. And that is not a small number. Yes?

Adsense Requirements

For displaying AdSense ads, First a fall you are required to apply for the program. And for approval process, You have to fill the minimum eligibility requirements for Ads. For instance, You must be having your own content which is different from others and also according to Ads policies.

Let me mention down some factors which you can take in consideration:

  • Your age should be at least 18 years
  • You must be having yours own website
  • You should have unique content
  • Your site should have clear understandings about each topic
  • Do not opt for fake traffic
  • Abide by Google Content Policies
  • You should also respect the copyright rules and regulations.
  • Use the Adsense Supported language

Added to it, Yours website must be 6 months old before you decide to go for Ads. However it’s not mandatory. But just on a safer side i said this. However i suggest you to apply for AdSense when you have around 100 peoples visiting each day. As more people will come, therefore more revenue will be generated.

3 kind of websites For quality Ads Revenue

There are 3 major kind of websites which can earn more revenue if you use Adsense. And for you to understand this information is very essential. Since it can help you save your time and earn more income. So the website types are as such follows:

  • Blog website which includes Articles
  • Forum site where people come and ask questions and give answers
  • Free online tools website to help others or giving solutions

Whatever type of website you are choosing. Always make sure that your content is unique and having quality in it. You can also take help from Google Keyword planner for seeing if your type of topics gets more visitors on Google search. After that, You have to make a website and place Advertisements for earning. Right?

AdSense Tutorial: How you can earn from Google Adsense

This ways will assist you to understand how you can generate income using Google AdSense. From picking your niche to earn, i will list all the things for you here. Feels good? So let’s begin to explore some tips and tricks.

Choose your Niche

To start anything in digital marketing world, You must be clear about your Niche. Why? Since general topics are somehow competitive for your business. Added to that, In this busy world, You must make sure that you holds a place.

So that’s why select a specific niche through which you can make some articles. Even Though tools are having certain niches. For instance, The niche of webmarketing is digital marketing.

These are some steps through which you can pick a niche for your website:

Understand what you think

Go for deep market research and know where the places are better

Write down from the list of best niches from here

Finally fill in those holes through making content

The kind of Advertisements matters when you want to earn income. And the Advertisements must be according to your topics and Articles. But also make sure that the Ads should not be to common or even specific.

Buy domain and Hosting

Once you selected your Niche. Make sure to get best domain name as well as hosting. AdSense is basically text-based ad platform.

So ensure that your domain is having proper keywords in it. However this is also not mandatory. Obviously branded domains work more better. Pick the hosting service which is quick and safe. These are some top best hosting services.

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • Digital ocean
  • Contabo

And from time to time i am using their hosting services. And i appreciate how reliable these services are. Make sure to connect domain name with your hosting account. And set up wordpress for managing up your blog’s content

Don’t miss the advantages from these top WordPress Plugins and tools for increasing your website’s functions.

Start making best content for your website

Content is known as treasure gold for your business. Anything without proper content can never run your business in successful manner. Since content is like a base for your business. And if the base is not proper then building falls.

So make sure to always include quality and unique content in your business. Never copy ideas from others. Instead form your own ideas and provide to your audience as a solution. You don’t want your visitors to run away from your website in just 2 minutes.

Instead your aim should always be to help them and to let them see your Articles. So which are the methods involved for making good quality of content?

Simply follow down these tips and tricks:

  • Make sure to study deep while you create any sort of content online.
  • Write in simple english which can be understood by anyone.
  • Make sure to write small and clear paragraphs with proper meanings.
  • Make sure to include videos and pictures to help your audience understand more better.
  • Stick to a publishing schedule.

Your blog will therefore take higher place in market online. This is the main method to get started. Now the time comes to begin your journey with Google Adsense.

Start your journey with Google Adsense

It is very simple process. You just need to make AdSense account and Add the Adsense code in your blog post. This is how it will be like:

  • Read and implement the Google AdSense requirements
  • Go to Google AdSense
  • Click on ‘Get Started’
  • Choose your payment country
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions
  • Start using AdSense

Some peoples think that this is a challenge to get approval by Google Adsense. Let’s explore some tricks so that you can avoid mistakes and not get disapproved by Google.

Get your website approved For Adsense

If you think that you did all the things properly then no one can blame you or yours website. So therefore make sure to do all the things properly before you decide to apply for AdSense.

However for that you should how to work effectively. Here are some measures for considering to avoid getting disapproved through Google.

  • Give proper details when you want to apply for Google AdSense.
  • Make best quality of content which brings some values for your audience
  • Create pages such as about us, privacy and contact.
  • Never copy other content and instead write in your own words.
  • Make sure not to add vulgar or illegal content.
  • Ensure to eradicate other ads when applying for AdSense.
  • Make sure to include more than 30 Articles before you go for Adsense (Not mandatory but i suggest)

Just have some patience while you achieved all the measures tips mentioned above. Google Adsense never rejected me. The tricks mentioned above are the cause for that. After you get approved by Google Adsense, Yours website can start earning revenue.

Earn more income with your AdSense site

Google AdSense is best method for monetizing your site and get income. However this is not enough factor to get income.

Here are some tips which you can follow to enhance your Adsense earnings.

Place AdSense ads on high-traffic pages

Make sure to put Adsense ads on those pages which gets more visitors. This can make sure lot of audience sees that particular ad. As more peoples will see your ads, You will get more income.

Select proper ad formats and sizes

Adsense offers so many format options to customize your ads. Make sure to format ads according to your website s that they look clean and best. This strategy will assist you to enhance your Adsense revenue.

Place ads above the fold

It’s essential to put your ads in proper places so that more people can see them without difficulty. Through placing ads above the fold will make sure that many peoples are seeing them.

Use Adsense optimized Themes

There are various optimized themes provided by Adsense which you can make use of. This ensures that you get best thing out from your Adsense ads.

Place ads in appropriate locations

Placing yours ads in proper places are known to be the key for earning more. Adsense gives you opportunity to place ads anywhere which includes header, footer, sidebar and in the content. Try placing ads in all locations to check which one works best for you.

Make Adsense optimized content

Google AdSense is text-based Ad network. Therefore it gets essential for creating Adsense optimized content. Which means that you are using right keywords and your are writing similar to Adsense ads.

Use AdSense Channels

AdSense channels enables you to group out your Adsense ads. This strategy helps you in tracking your Adsense performances also identifies which ads are performing well.

Try new AdSense ad formats

Google Adsense is having AdSense ad formats which you can use with yours Adsense optimized content. You can create with unique layouts and designs. For helping you to make best Adsense experience for your clients.

Use these AdSense optimization tips for increasing your earnings

  • Make sure to check your growth and keep enhancing yourself
  • Do the A/B testing for the ad units
  • Optimize the color of your Google Adsense Ads
  • make sure to put best ads
  • Improve yours topics and your writing

That’s everything from my side. I have done by best to explain you guys everything related with Google Adsense. Hope you find this post useful.

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